More on dye-ing

There’s not much new to show on the coverlet front (if you’ve seen one nine-patch you’ve seen them all?), so here instead is an update on the pecan dye trials. Don took the leftover dye and swabbed it liberally onto our concrete back porch, which mellowed the raw gray to a nice rusty patchiness.

He’s now in the process of further enhancing the look by discarding his brush cleaning water (surely there’s a better term for this) at the end of his acrylic painting sessions …

Talk about abstract … with much more to come.

And then there’s this …

8 thoughts on “More on dye-ing

  1. LA – your concrete is going to get a lived in-on look quite quickly with the various dyes and wash water. I hope you get a nice mottled patchiness. Beautiful structure to the art. Go well. B


  2. Okay it really thrills me to bits that you are probably going where no homeowner has gone before! I love your creativity and bravery! Pour and splatter away you two!


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