How I (don’t/can’t/won’t/never) follow recipes

I’ve mentioned many times before how I am seemingly incapable of following recipes, to which the following links attest:
Nonetheless, I love having recipes as a jumping off point. This morning, it was this from Austin Kleon …

I walked around the house with this in mind, thinking how I’ve been “stuck” recently … with so many projects that I can’t choose which to work on, so I do nothing.
Which brought to mind Remember 2016

where one small patch a day added up to something worthwhile.
And the Peace Pin Project
which likewise became more than the sum of its parts.
So I sat down, tore off a bit of cloth, and wrote “each day one small thing” …

which is what Austin Kleon’s quote had become in my mind.
But as I started to stitch I realized that my days, the good ones anyway, add up to far more than one thing. By the time I started stitching this I had already made myself breakfast, read the paper, started a load of wash, called (and called and called and called) my senators …

through ten minutes of busy signals and voice mail boxes before getting through to live staffers and lodging my opposition to the insanity they call tax reform.
And so the cloth got edited and became “each day many small things.”
I’ll probably have more to say about that, hopefully soon. For now, I’m going to go do some small things …