Looking back on 2022

I felt like I didn’t do as much as I had hoped this past year, but the blog provided some helpful reminders (click individual pictures to see full views) …

So not so bad after all.

And then there was Christmas …

with wonderful gifts to remember it all by …

Really, such a good way to begin a new year.

No apologies, just "write"

So you might have noticed I’ve been gone for a while … having fun with our grandkids mostly. They range in age from 13 to 5 to 3 years old, down to Little P who has somehow managed reach 9 months already. We put way more than 2000 miles on the car in the past 3 weeks. And yes, it was all worth absolutely every minute of the beautiful racket (with credit to Mary Chapin Carpenter for the phrase, which captures the wild joy of kids at play).

Now it’s finally time to be just me again, which includes looking back on last year and looking forward to the year ahead. The first post of 2017 included a list of past resolutions and an overly optimistic new resolution (at the end of this post):

2013 – Create

2014 – Blog
2015 – Stitch
2016 – Remember 
2017 – Enjoy 
In hindsight, I would rename my resolution for 2017 “Imagine Peace” for the project that ultimately reached over 70 individuals in six countries and twenty states …

There was also the completion of two projects from the previous year: Land of Flood and Drought 2016

and Remember 2016

Followed by new grandchild projects like this pillow …
and these nursery wall hangings …
for the arrival of Sweet P in April …

I surprised myself by actually finishing a new bag made from linen shirt plackets

while only making a start on The Land as the Crow Flies

and the Pojagi-inspired Peace Pin Project Shawl

Fortunately, I can also report the actual completion of the pennon for Mo’s Dream, seen here in a picture from her blog It’s Crow Time

And in spite of the two projects-pending above, I started yet another in December to commemorate our 40th wedding anniversary (which has since passed, but the project is yet to be completed) …

Which brings me to here and now: the year 2018 and my resolve to “Write” … which will include sending “real” mail to kindred spirits in recognition of how much I appreciated the “real” mail that arrived in my mailbox last year … a continuation of the Peace Pin Project Shawl, which will most likely be renamed the Commonplace Shawl as I intend to stitch words and phrases that I wish to recall in the coming year … a book for our grandkids tentatively titled Moon Myth … and last, but far from least, continued posting here on the blog.
So belated best wishes to all for the new year ahead … may it prove memorable in all the best ways possible. However it turns out in the end, though, I am grateful for your presence along the way.

Be it resolved

First and foremost, best wishes to all for a peaceful new year. After taking a week off from blogging and commenting, I’m ready to begin anew.

In the past, I’ve used this time to do a “Year in Review”
and acknowledge the blog community
However, since this year has been a daily exercise in remembering, I’m ready to look forward for a change.
So I’ll continue to honor New Year’s resolutions past …
2013 – Create
2014 – Blog
2015 – Stitch
2016 – Remember 
by adding a new one-word resolution:
2017 – Enjoy!
To that end, I plan to be:
Finishing Remember 2016 …

Quilting the Land of Flood and Drought – 2016 …

Creating a new book for our grandkids entitled Moondance …

Honoring our roots and branches with a new patch project …

Telling the stories behind the people and places and objects that have filled our lives with such happiness while welcoming a new granddaughter into our midst.
Being open to whatever might come our way … because my life is a true collaboration that wouldn’t be complete without Don. We are beginning our 40th year of married life and there isn’t another time or place that we’d rather be than here and now.
In short, the plan is to thoroughly enjoy life and all it has to offer. 
I hope you’ll join us from time to time along the way.