11 thoughts on “In progress …

  1. LA – there are times that the progress is time consuming but outcome wise not a lot to show. Though the blue scotch on the concrete has left a nice mark. Great landscape in you collection. Go well. B


    1. we’ve been having fun watching Landscape Artist of the Year on TV … it makes me look a little more closely to see how three dimensions can be condensed into two


  2. Loving all of the process shots – always fascinating to see the precursors to, the markers along the way to, something new. They help me understand what lies beneath a finished piece…


  3. Your quilt is a sweet playground of color, and love what’s happening to your concrete. There is always so much creative happenings and energy going on in your world. (Still hoping you will read the Moon Myth to us!)


  4. Love the direction you are heading with the new quilt Liz. So playful and fun!! And also really enjoying the pieces you are featuring on Artfully Told. I adore the landscape of the off ramp of highway. The elongated stretch/width is so cool!


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