Gee’s Bend

Sometimes (but never often enough), the so-called “social media” serve up a real treat.

As I was scrolling through Instagram, I spotted this lovely quilt …

So I searched the artist’s name and made my way to this website:, which had a profile of Gee’s Bend quilter Aolar Carson Mosely and her quilts. And oh, don’t you just love the expression on her face?

Anyway, there is still more to post about our New Mexico trip, but right now we’re in Missouri visiting our daughter and her family.

Today Don is busy re-painting a wine rack …

and I’ve got a batch of granola toasting in the oven … with lasagna yet to be made for dinner tonight.

Life is good.

Who knew?

You’re supposed to update phone apps? Or they don’t work correctly? I didn’t know that, but now I do and the long-running “Why won’t the WordPress images enlarge?” saga has finally come to a positive conclusion.

So now when you see a bunch of pictures, like this work in progress by Don …

you can click on any one of the images to bring up an enlarged view in what the WordPress Happiness Engineers call a carousel. Wheeeee 😉

Now I’m in the process of going back to past posts to update the galleries so they too will once again enlarge properly. So far I’ve made it back to July 2021. Onward … or is that backward?