On naming what it is that I do (updated)

I’ve been challenged in the past when it comes to describing what it is that I do. Sometimes it’s been easier to say what I don’t do, as in needlework or quilting or collage, none of which exactly fit.

But now I think I may have it: I am a maker of cloth assemblages. And so, to seal the deal, I tried writing something to describe that, which is currently in draft form here.

It’s a work in progress and I’ve yet to give it a test drive “in real life.” But it feels right.

So here’s my most recent cloth assemblage, both sides of the pillow cover I am calling Analogous Red

seen here in its final pre-construction form, lest I forget what the other side looked like …

This Kawandi-style cloth assemblage holds the gifted dyework of artisans Malka Dubrawsky at Stitch in Dye, Connie Akers, Deb Lacativa, Tina Zaffiro, Tierney Barden, and Ulrike Bogdan, some bought, others gifted, by Mo, Connie, Tina, Deb, and Sue (I’m sure I’m leaving someone out, so these lists will probably grow). There are bits of repurposed clothing from forays to the Village Store in Wimberley and various Goodwill stores in Austin. Also, some of my trials of lichen, pecan, prairie tea, and Inktense dyeing. And snips of no-longer-wearable clothing from my closet and Don’s. There’s even a peace piece from a much-too-tight headband I impulsively bought in the Austin airport seven or eight years ago.

Speaking of which, here’s a 1.5” bit that was commissioned by Don for his current assemblage-in-progress after he spotted the peace sign on my pillow cover …

Ain’t we got fun?