Piecing things together

The ten half-log cabin blocks are now complete …

and arranged in what may or may not be their final order …

For the record (because this blog is about process as much as product), here’s how I’m anchoring my starting points these days: a tiny knot in the seam followed by a tiny backstitch to hold it in place …

And I’ve pretty much given up on ironing my seams before stitching them together. I just tear the cloth, use my fingernail to turn down a seam allowance, stitch the edges together (10 stitches per inch with a single strand of DMC floss), trim the excess, and repeat …

I love how the cloth lays flat when stitched this way, which was inspired by Jude’s paperless piecing technique.

And if the eagle-eyed among you noticed a discrepancy in the order of the piecing, well yes, I did get myself turned around and had to undo a bit …

So now I’m off to make nine-patches out of the cloth bits along the path …

And good news: there’s a new wall to explore on the art blog …


14 thoughts on “Piecing things together

  1. I am loving this quilt so much .. your quilting style is uniquely you. I so envy you Jude Grace Marti Dee and Hazel .. I don’t even have to see your names your artful pieces are instantly recognized. You’re all fantastic!!!
    And totally loving all your art pieces 😍


    1. Oh thank you for this … to which I would add your dyed cloth is likewise uniquely you … and such a perfect addition to a project like this (the pinks, I’m loving the pinks)


  2. Nice to find efficiencies and a process that works for you. I’ve given up on knotting after doing it that way for many years. First the knot at the end went out the window. Now the knot at the beginning has gone by too. Just a few tiny stitches to anchor the thread. Your quilt is looking beautiful!


    1. I had to laugh … making a knot at the beginning is so ingrained that I can’t stop, but I can’t remember the last time I made a knot at the end …


  3. Thank you for all that helpful process information! I love how you stitch so feel very grateful to see how you go about it. Those seams fall so beautifully flat, and I love the tip re 10 stitches/inch.


    1. you’re welcome … and this reminds me I meant to note I use a #10 open eye John James quilting needle … very short and sturdy for all that it is slender (because I bend longer needles in no time)


  4. This is so great! I love looking at each fabric 🙂 What a delight! I still knot and can’t stop…why is that? After being with Jude all of these years…you’d think I would trust the stitch a bit more 😉


    1. it’s funny … I really don’t trust the knot these days as the first stitch after a knot never holds quite right, which is why I take the tiny backstitch to anchor the thread properly … I could almost be tempted to cut the knots out after the fact, but then I’d be covered in tiny thread ends


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