I had hoped to see the almost-full moon set this morning, but found instead a gauze-covered sky.

So on to coffee, breakfast and the newspaper, a NYT xword, email, Facebook, blog reading … every day small things.

And thereby found a poem, nesting in the sidebar, the Kindred Spirits forming themselves into …

The Best Laid Plans

Fire fighting resolution:
don’t think …
jump, default, journey
keep charts 

Christmas trees and taxes
on the outside looking in
earth and air
my kitchen window
Spirit cloth past
a little piece of peace
drawstring bags for the dream

Another year
first snow
faux somehow

Giving thanks
patience is required …
time for
angst, blessings, retreat

From caring hands, threads …
letters to the otherworld 
passing, becalmed, changing

Wordlessly wondering

On my mind

A pause in judgement


Looking again, the line breaks shift and with them the meaning. I add and delete, delete and add.

Then stop and let it go.

Giving credit where credit is due

Last month, a thing of beauty sailed into my life …

written about here by Jude Hill …
And as I walked about the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past weekend, over and over again I said the words, “I always considered myself a needleworker. Because of Jude Hill, I now consider myself a quilter, too.”
Because of Jude Hill, I knew to seek out Judy Martin’s Mended World, which is also to be found in this wonderful tome (which had to come home with me) …
Because of Jude Hill, I met Glennis Dolce
whose beautiful vintage Japanese cloth and Shibori eclipse will be perfect for some long overdue mending (among other things) …

Because of Jude Hill, I am part of a wonderful community of like-minded stitchers who have led me to believe in myself enough to join SAQA.
Because of Jude Hill, I have learned so very much and will be forever grateful as I continue to play with cloth and stitch, learning more every day.

Ripples of peace

I have been inspired over and over again by the peace-spreading artistry of Fiona Dempster
and Barry Smith

of Maleny, in Queensland Australia.

The Peace Pin Project was begun as a result of their example, as detailed here:

And now I am privileged to be a part of their latest efforts in observance of The International Day of Peace this September 21st.

Last month Barry sent me ten peace leaves, here arrayed on some hand-dyed silks from a workshop I attended in 2015 …

the making of which he wrote about in this post: 
And Fiona sent a trove in June …

including ten letterpress pieces …

which I am now sending out to the stitchers who answered Dee Mallon’s call two years ago to create the Hearts for Charleston quilt

The Hearts for Charleston stitchers are/were:

And if all this sounds a bit complicated, so be it. This paraphrase of Robert Frost’s poem The Silken Tent says it best for me:

… [Peace] strictly held by none is loosely bound

by countless silken ties of love and thought

to everything on earth the compass round …