I’ve been dye-ing to tell you …

Don has been creating garden beds in our backyard and topping them with pecan mulch …

When he put the leftovers in one of the front beds, we discovered the neighborhood cats no longer liked “using” it as a litter box …

Unfortunately, it rained while some of the mulch was still in the bed of the little black truck, which then leaked out and stained the driveway …

The good news is, that gave me an idea. I asked Don for a shovel-full of mulch to which I added a couple of gallons of water. After letting it sit in the sun for a couple of weeks, I strained it out and dunked some cloth in the liquid gold that resulted …

with rather good results, I dare say …

And then there’s this …


12 thoughts on “I’ve been dye-ing to tell you …

  1. Great yard layout…

    Isn’t it great how inspiration comes when we aren’t even looking as in your pecan dyeing. I followed your link and saw that you had wicked the cloth first with lichen. Wicking is fun and I dabbled in it a few years ago. In a bit of synchronicity this morning, I decided to put up a few more of my dyed l;a of my landscape cloths. When we moved here, I decided to pare back but now I feel that more is more! So the first cloth that I pulled from my drawer to put up on the wall is one that has a few wicked pieces. It is titled, Canyon Whispers.

    It is good to go from saying, “what if” to “why not” as my bedroom walls can now attest!


    1. we pulled way back on how much art we put out when we first moved here … I think it’s a response to the whole packing/unpacking grind where you just want to be done with it all … but yes, these days more is more in the best way


    1. I probably took it a couple of steps too far, thinking the color would fade in the wash … it didn’t! Fortunately, it will be living on a dark leather sofa, so that’s not a problem


    1. I don’t mind the local outdoor cats as a rule, but the litter boxing was definitely an annoyance … love that the solution was so simple (and hoping it continues to be effective) … as for the cloth, I’m glad it now has the rich color I originally envisioned


    1. ha! … no, the driveway is still pretty stained, but Don has plans to try a power washer on it … funny side note, we have a concrete back deck that he’s considering staining intentionally with the leftover dye


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