First things first

Hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since we moved … two weeks filled with unpacking and organizing … placing and re-placing … on and on.

But lest I forget, I want to record the very first thing I did. While the movers were still moving everything else in, I made the guest room bed and put my mom’s sampler quilt on it, the better to keep me company in what will become my stitch studio …

The furniture was part of my paternal grandparents’ bedroom suite … which later served as the childhood bed for both me and my older daughter. We also inherited my grandmother’s maiden name, Snow, as our middle names … and I inherited her love of stitching.

Having read Acey’s recent post on wood, I find myself appreciating how this furniture has served four generations over the course of a century … the bureaus still in active use in our bedroom, the drawers deep, the bases solid to the point of sorely trying the movers.

We likewise still have our own first couch, in the crate furniture style that served our Boomer generation so well …

alongside a desk that belonged to Don’s grandfather, in what will become his painting studio. It is softly lit from the north and filtered by cedar elm trees in the front of the house.

There is so much more to tell, but this will serve for now. The house is becoming home and we are so happy to be here.