Rockin’ it

March 26, 2021 – Rocking E — March 27, 2021 – Grace’s dandelion patch

I keep track of days in a small notepad, although I don’t always remember to read it when I’m making patches. More on that later …

The Rocking E patch was a simple, sweet memory: our first babysitting gig since Covid. We had pizza and leftover birthday cake while Meg and Paul (who both got vaccinated) went out to eat … for the first time since Covid.

The garden served as a good after-dinner diversion …

and I got a workout tracking down Ellis (who was wearing a candy pink striped dress that used to be P’s) …

All too soon it was time to wind down for bed. Unfortunately, E is no longer the “easy to bed” baby I remembered from one year ago. These days she knows her big sibs are still up having fun … and she let her feelings be known, loudly.

So I brought her back to the living room and sang the better part of my Nana repertoire while rocking E. Soon enough she started to doze.

“Do you want to go to bed?” I asked.

“Yesss,” was the whispered reply.

G and P followed in turn … another successful babysitting job in the books.

The next day, Grace posted the most amazing photo …

which I thought she had taken herself until noticing the credit just now.

In any case, I thought Jude’s framed thread beads would be the perfect stitch solution. Except, I neglected to read that note-to-self when I started to stitch today.

Instead, I went on the hunt for cloth and thread …

dyed by Deb of course.

Without a plan, and leaving the erasable marker capped, I stitched one circle freehand …

and then another and another …

I was amazed at, ummm, how circular they were … like enso. I pondered what to do next, but not wanting to draw attention away from them, I decided to stop.

They were enough … even if I did forget the thread beads.

Taking the challenge (revised)

March 24, 2021 – Dewberry (revised)
March 24, 2021 – Dewberry

As noted in an earlier post, I’ve been double-gloving my right hand, the better to take out dewberry vines (dewberries being wild blackberries) …

to the distress of Griffin, who learned to love dewberries at our former Hill Country house.

The good news is, there are plenty more vines at the back of their property. In fact, everything is in full spring overdrive …

Even the bluebonnets are dancing for joy …

So I decided to make a dewberry blossom patch similar to the one on Remember 2016

But I didn’t look at the process from the last time around, so I did get a slightly different look …

which I’m thinking needs a little more work before it’s done.

And lest I forget … this is for Joanne and Mo …


What a pair (revised)

March 22, 2021 – Wave in wave — March 23, 2021 – Procrastination (revised)
March 22, 2021 – Wave on wave — March 23, 2021 – Procrastination

One of my new year intentions was to try doing my daily stretching in the morning after breakfast and blog reading. So far mornings seem to be working much better than afternoons, when I’m often involved in doing something (or nothing) and talk myself out of it.

My routine is a series of modified Pilates moves that keeps me relatively limber and my back pretty much pain-free. It hardly qualifies as exercise as I take it very easy, but paying attention to my breath, I find it can be meditative.

Inevitably, as I start with long, slow stretches, my breathing recalls the rhythm of ocean waves breaking and retreating. With eyeglasses off and hearing aids out, I close my eyes and imagine being on the beach in Avon.

Progressing to somewhat quicker movements, I’m transported to Shelter Island and the Peconic Bay, with the soft lap-lap-lap of tiny wavelets and the shushing of shifting shells.

But maddeningly, with the tap-tap-breath, tap-tap-breath of the final moves, I find myself “walking” through the imaginary world of Myst, complete with soundtrack.

Seriously? Not what I’d choose, but my mind will go where it will.

Anyway, choosing an indigo linen patch and some variegated Deb thread for a series of watery waves was an easy call. Likewise, the sandy tan for the next patch.

The Procrastination patch was inspired by Dee’s blog post, aptly titled Avoidance and Chores. After reading it, I sent her this poem by Billy Collins …

which in turn inspired me to consider long rows of ants. Like this maybe? Ewwww …

I couldn’t quite bring myself to stitch life-like ants. So I read the poem again, focusing this time on the phrase “cover pages with tiny sentences” to find my way to rows of Jude’s glue stitches

Much better.

Addendum: Or not … in the end the Procrastination patch was revised to include one silken ant.