Same old same old

And so it goes … on and on … no more erasable marks, just perle cotton glue stitches …

So to keep things interesting, here are some pictures of the grandkiddos in Missouri with daughter Meliss …

the Texas grandkiddos …

and the college grandkiddo …

For the record, here’s a drive-by view of what Texans do when the bluebonnets are in bloom on a sunny spring afternoon …

Last but not least, be sure to set your alarms for Tuesday night just after sunset …

11 thoughts on “Same old same old

  1. How grand to see the grands!! They are all growing so much! I mean…braces! Oy.
    They are all so full of life 🙂 As I write this, I think how odd to say on another tragic day for school children. Such horror.
    So, just stitching, eh? Enough muscle memory now?


    1. Yep, just stitching … I did try a small patch of simple running stitch and nope, that didn’t cut it … so I’ll just keep going

      Sigh … I am beyond confounded by the inaction on guns … how hard can it be to just say no to assault weapons? Time to get back on the phone with the Texas Senators (ugh) and representative (also an ugh)


  2. I cannot tell you how much I loved seeing your grands in all of their smiles, fun and glory. It is always a joy to see them but today, especially, after the TN school tragedy.

    The masses of bluebonnets brought a huge smile to my face and memories for we also jumped in the car in search of them, every spring, when we lived in Texas.


    1. one needn’t look very far for bluebonnets this year … they are everywhere in huge masses … the best I’ve seen since arriving in 2009


  3. Weather forecast is good for tonight, I will be out there looking! I like thinking there will be lots of us out there…appreciating the magic and wonder of it all.


  4. So wonderful to see that beautiful family of yours and your stitching glue looks terrific! Would love to see some close ups of blue bonnets since we don’t have them here in Cali.


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