Doing the math

Nancy commented that she’d like some perspective on the current phase of My Heart’s Compass. This is one side of the bed cloth and I’ve added stars to not quite half a yard of four strips.

2 sides of the bed cloth x 90 inches of length x 11 strips of cloth to be stitched down = 1980 inches or 55 yards of star-spangled stitching.

And the search for random continues with this latest gambit …

Which ends up looking like this on the other side …

For those who might be wondering, I’m using #8 and #12 DMC perle cotton … not that there are many who are apt to want to do this!

And last, the wider view (about half the cloth is visible) …

20 thoughts on “Doing the math

  1. Wow Liz!! I’m just stunned with the whole of it!! The amount of work, stitches, thought & planning – stretch of fabric, stretch of loves & history. This is so beautiful, not only aesthetically, but the deeper meanings shine through. Thank you for sharing these pics!!


    1. it’s so challenging to photograph large cloth … even if I had a design wall in our house, I doubt I could get far enough away to photograph it in its entirety … now I understand those who photograph their quilts outside, which is a whole other kind of challenge … and yeah, the loops have potential


  2. Beautiful, Liz! 💙
    I love how in right hand pic, stretched out, the pixelated 1/2 square mirrors the rug pattern! Intended? Random?
    Fascinating, either way!


      1. Love that…( Unintentional)
        And the whole cloth is really magnificent!!
        Sometimes I wonder where we’d all be in our stitch creativity w/out Jude’s inspiration!?
        Pondering imponderables.
        Ha! 😅


          1. Exactly!
            And the amazing thing , for me, is the exposure to all the other great stitchers, artists, creatives, and artisans and their work ( like you!) because I “found” Jude and her work…
            I’m always excited to see what others create!!


    1. I don’t know that it will ever make it on to the bed … I so enjoy sitting with it in my lap in the daytime when I can see it and feel it … seems like a waste to put it in the bedroom where I only pass through from time to time


  3. Life’s compass .. life’s journey .. life’s adventures.. life’s meaning!! This piece is coming together like nothing I’ve seen before .. it is absolutely one of a kind. But yes I can definitely see Jude’s influence.


    1. thanks Deb … it does, at long last, feel “whole” but still in need of help to keep things from shifting too much … the perfect excuse to keep stitching


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