Hill Country blues

We hit the road yesterday and I took the bluebonnet pictures that I promised to Deb Sposa …

along with a video of the field to give some perspective …

We drove by our old house on Cascade Trail, which was hard to see through the overgrown brush (sigh) …

on the way to visit once-upon-a-time neighbors Connie and Karl, who are in the process of selling their house. We were too busy talking for me to think of taking pictures, but here’s a link to the real estate listing and one of the drone images of their incredible home …

It was bittersweet recalling what it was like to have five acres of land … another sigh.

In any case, we were there to receive gifts of rust for Don’s assemblages and cloth for my patchplays. Connie was an intrepid dyer, so it was hard to choose, but here’s the first grouping to be used …

on the table cloth I started last year

because what better way to spend time than to have two projects going at once?

19 thoughts on “Hill Country blues

    1. I’ve tried to keep my focus on one large project at a time (although there are always smaller projects that pop in and out), but it looks like I’m about to backslide … ha!


    1. Cascade Trail was magical in the spring, going out to greet all the wildflowers by name … and now I’m wondering how many bluebonnets were in bloom on the back of the floodplain when we drove by

      but the land was also a backbreaking amount of work and tricky footing for my osteoporotic bones … even though we were wise to leave when we did, I will always regret that we didn’t stay longer … especially when our grandsons say they miss it, too


    1. Used and well washed … to which I would add air dried, as fabric feels so much more itself that way

      I’ve used wooden racks for drying clothes for decades … much as I love clothes dried outside on a line, my allergies are triggered by the pollen that is ever-present in Texas (yep, even in the middle of winter, when the Ashe Junipers aka cedars let loose with a months long barrage) … I even hang my sheets out to dry!


  1. A lovely visit with you in this post. The blue bonnets took my breath away. I think that my flower colour might be blue. Thank you for your blogposts. xo


  2. Just had my first chance to see your post of the blue bonnets, and yes, they really look like our lupine here. Thank you for those pix, they are spectacular!! And it must have been so bittersweet to see you last place, especially overgrown. Don used to keep it so nice.


    1. as we crept by in the car, Don could see some of the plantings at the back of the house … so hopefully the new owners are appreciating all the native plants, which seem to be going strong


          1. I guess I never realized you and Don weren’t the owners. Well wow, did they luck out having you two care for that property!


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