The hardest thing

Being random is harder than it looks …

Inevitably, I fall into a rhythm of stitching and before I know it, the stitches are anything but random.

But stars are random … or seem to be.

So I’m trying a new way of going, using a heat erasable marking pen that isn’t visible until it dries, making it somewhat easier to make random dots since I can’t see where I’ve already marked …

Not that I actually stitch each and every dot exactly as marked … ha!

So, one yard of star stitching down …

and an estimated 54 yards to go. It’s a good thing I’m having fun … for now anyway.

13 thoughts on “The hardest thing

    1. thanks for the suggestion … I’m going to have to be creative to supplement what will surely be a somewhat repetitive view of star stitching

      and yes, I remember that post … so glad you linked back to it!


  1. Joining back in after a week of re-establishing ourselves…I agree that some us have an internal metronome or something that just keeps us centering on order of sorts. I love where you are headed with these – they look spectacular and the intermittent stars really make me smile. Best to you as you tackle the next 50 or so yards!


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