Making lemonade

I will be forever grateful to Jude Hill for introducing me to the concept of design mending (which I’ve linked to her Glossary). Whereas I used to do a lot of unstitching, these days I’m more apt to see what can be added to remedy a situation.

And so, being unhappy with this particular corner of My Heart’s Compass …

I decided to repurpose some unused patches from Remember 2021

and appliquéd the strip over the problem area …

It’s worked well enough that I’m already planning where to appliqué more surplus patches … because having lots of components on hand is another valuable piece of Spirit Cloth wisdom.

22 thoughts on “Making lemonade

  1. YES!!! And cannot wait to see where this is going…maybe it will be one of those projects you add to for many years to come.


  2. Aw, this is a great solution as these “Remember…” patches/quilts are such a Liz signature and this quilt is all about you…your heart, family…
    Wonderful 🙂


  3. I can’t remember who came first .. was it Jude or Grace??? I love coming across old Quilting Arts magazines featuring Jude. She has been a wonderful teacher .. you all have been.


  4. You made lemonade but I like to think you made Sangria, that lively Spanish drink because putting in those memory patches, especially the red boot, just dances up your My Heart’s Compass…it is turning out to be a “living” story of love, family and place. It simply “breathes” wonderful memories!


    1. My mom loved to make Sangria in the summer … sitting with the flannel backed cloth over my legs, it almost feels like summer

      and yes … the red boot is such a good memory … July 2019 with all six grandkiddos in Allen’s boots trying on every color imaginable


  5. I love the way fresh approaches enable beautiful results. Changing how we see and think and respond can make something go from – “I really don’t like that” to wow that’s just great and my heart is singing! Lovely addition/remedy…


    1. how fortunate we are to live in a time of global communication through our blogs … as much as letter-writing was a good thing, I believe it is better still that we can transmit images as well as thoughts


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