Memory patches

I appliquéd the next strip of memory patches from July 2021 onto My Heart’s Compass …

and pinned down two more strips, about which more later.

But here’s the thing … Nancy made a comment yesterday that moved me to tears…

About the strips of memory patches. As a signature. About me, my heart, my family. And that’s when it hit me …

What if I made more strips to place on My Heart’s Compass?

What if each strip related to a place I lived or a place I loved?

And then I thought of the gift my daughter gave us this past Christmas …

What if each patch was like a page in the book? Each and every one a story?

And now I know where I’m heading next. Thank you Nancy.

23 thoughts on “Memory patches

  1. This is great Liz! I feel like it was meant to be…I mean look at the colors of the patch trails…how perfectly they merge with what is already there! And this new idea, combined with the gifted Journal goes so well with Dee’s post and my day’s reading about journaling and family stories. Today feels like a circle ⭕️. ❤️


  2. Even the title of your work suggests that these strips of patches need to be there, that they belong. Those markers and moments have helped chart your course and bringing them together…perfect! I love how an angle or comment or thought suddenly somehow brings it all together in a very immediate and intuitive way and you just KNOW that it’s right! Seems that way from here, so right…xF


  3. There are moments when the gift of this community, is such a tangible thing as in Nancy’s wonderful comment that in turn, has sparked a deeper family connection and story for you. So many ways to share our her/histories using cloth, words, drawings, creating stories for our grandchildren, writing of events and places and a simple day in the life of…all of this is Legacy. Legacy, traditions, a full circle of family, friends, fun, the telling, the writing that not only will enrich children and grandchildren but also enriches the writer or writers who are remembering and recording.This post holds such deep joy for what will be such a special and rewarding generational gift..


  4. Yep, Nancy said it exactly right. I love how all of us blog friends influence and inspire each other. Your little “journal” patches are like gems of the moment and adding them to your larger work enlivens it wonderfully.


    1. Dana – one of the things that caused me to “stall” on this project was not knowing what to do with the large fields of blue that I had created … I’m so glad I waited for the right idea to come along


  5. LA – the art and creativity seems to find a way and a day for those who wait but not just throw it aside – waiting in the subconscious. Go gently. B


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