Wandering around the Kindred Spirit blogs is always inspirational, as recent doings attest.

I’ve especially enjoyed the return of Deb’s Artisun blog, on which she recently posted a delightful little pillow called a biscornu. Since I was relatively uninspired by the James Madison University pillow that I made for granddaughter Logan, I took it apart and restitched it biscornu-style …

and was pleasantly surprised at how it was transformed into a pouf almost 8” high …

Much better!

I’ve also been following the back-and-forth between Nancy and Grace relating to bands of color during which Nancy posted a pin on Pinterest that reminded me of the walking sticks Don painted using leftover paint some time back …

Serendipitously, the picture of our front porch, where the walking sticks live, also shows a NO TO WAR poster from Barry Smith at Rustnstuff.

I finished another Glennis moon patch, edged with two strands of Deb Lacativa’s magically variegated floss …

and I’ve been finding all sorts of ideas from Karen’s daily stitch journal, which has inspired many others to judge by her Instagram and Facebook followers.

Which is all by way of saying “thanks!” to all the bloggers who put so much time into contributing to their respective communities. I am grateful each and every day by what I see and read.

14 thoughts on “Community

  1. Liz…as I am grateful for you too! Love seeing your walking sticks and how…Poof – it’s a Pouf! Karen’s pebbles are quite lovely. Thanks for sharing those.


  2. Hi LA – thanks for contributing to the very community of which you speak. One of the things I still enjoy about blogging is that I feel closer to people who blog because of the work, stories, details, reality and causes they share. I hope to continue to be part of that. Again thanks to you and D for sharing your work and family and causes. I smiled at the photo of D’s rainbow walking sticks alongside the no to war poster. Peace. B


  3. I agree! I enjoy the blogs very much and they add to my life immeasurably. I don’t have the capacity to visit every one, but I’m very grateful for this community.


    1. when I first started reading blogs I felt like I was missing so much back story … but as with any friendship that has become less of a concern over time


  4. Thank you Liz for the shout out! And I really like how you reconfigured your pillow. So fun!! And poufy. hee hee Also I’ve been seeing so much of Karen’s daily journaling on Pinterest that I started following her today on Instagram because of your post. Wow her work is gorgeous and love the stones she has switched to although I still really love her squares and rectangles too..


    1. one good shout out deserves another … it’s been so great to see you blogging again … and no surprise, I found my way to Karen through Jude’s blog


    1. Mo … you taught me so much when I first encountered the Spirit Cloth community in 2014 … I noticed how you commented on so many blogs and always replied when others commented on your posts … 13000 comments later, my blog has benefited from your example


  5. Making a biscornu has been on my to-do list, love the idea of making it bigger. And the painted walking sticks… 🙂 And off we go…one of the so lovely things about blogging.


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