A great day to stay home

Winter storm warnings are rare in Central Texas, but today is the exception that proves the rule. Fortunately I’ve got a flannel-lined quilt in my lap, so it’s all good …

I took a look at the other side of My Heart’s Compass thinking I could do a quick post about the stitches that show on the back …

but realized it wasn’t going to be a quick post. So here’s part one of what could be an extended series.

Today I’m finishing the raw edges of the small Glennis moons using an overlapping cross stitch, aka closed herringbone …

worked in two strands of variegated floss for better edge coverage. And this is how it looks on the other side …

I like the fact that the resulting patch lies flat, unlike appliqué which usually has a raised edge. And the stitch is far easier to work than the more commonly used blanket stitch.

That’s all on stitching for today, so I’ll leave you with a picture of our lunch, which was inspired by this Deb G post

Arugula, mixed grains (wheat & rye berries, red rice, kasha and barley), fresh mandarin oranges (with thanks to Don for peeling them), toasted almonds, crumbled queso fresco, and speck (smoked prosciutto) dressed with a light vinaigrette that had just a bit of agave added. So good … thanks Deb!

Addendum: close-up shots of the not-so-invisible baste stitches … Jude Hill’s glue stitch worked with a single strand of floss to form stars

28 thoughts on “A great day to stay home

    1. we are hunkered down … schools are closing early and won’t reopen tomorrow … fortunately I made green chili stew so we will be getting warm from the inside out tonight


  1. Liz, did you add those tiny white beads around Glennis’ moon? If so, brilliant and beautiful! And oh my, I’m super impressed with lunch today. I’ll be right over. Ha ha!


    1. Those are tiny white glue stitches (Jude’s invisible baste) … worked with one strand of floss … I’m pretty sure this is how Hazel works some of her tiny stars, too


  2. Hi LA – good to have safe indoor activities when there are storm warmings around. What amazing details on the stitching – I’m always impressed by both sides of the work – such attention to detail in your work. B


  3. I love the wee stars – a clever use of Jude’s technique! And, omg, your lunch is making my mouth water. I will have to try it, with a bit of tweaking to make it gluten-free. I can hardly wait!

    BTW, I’ve tried to sign up for email notifications, but it won’t accept my email address as being legitimate. I think it must be due to the hyper. Bummer.


    1. The bowl is one of five we bought at Feats of Clay in Austin when we first moved to Texas in 2009 … they reminded me of sand and foam at the edge of the ocean and have been my go-to salad and serving bowls ever since (although sadly one was broken along the way) … we went back to the store any number of times, but never found another piece we wanted as much as that first great buy


  4. First, salad looks great and I need to get to the deli and get some speck! 🙂 And…like you I love seeing the backside. Another story line. Hope you are staying cozy.


    1. thanks for the inspiration … we really enjoyed the salad …

      our plans for yesterday and today were cancelled, so we are safely home and staying warm


  5. Staying warm and safe with a bowl of green chile stew is just right. Hope this weather ordeal is soon over but if not, may your pot of green chile stew be long-lasting!


    1. I made a three-day batch of chili stew, so we are set for the duration of the freeze … temps in the 60s are forecast for the weekend, so we’ll probably be grilling out by then


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