Way back in 2014 I was casting about for a new way of going and found my way to Jude Hill’s blog. It didn’t take long for me to sign up for Spirit Cloth 101, where I learned a lot by working on my own. And from there I took Considering Weave in real time, where I met many of those kindred spirits who now count as my friends.

All that by way of saying I finally finished the base for my bed cloth (click to see full images) …

The recent moon cabin blocks covered the final bit of king size flannel sheet …

So now My Heart’s Compass can be put into use as a bed cover at night, whilst I continue to “quilt” and embellish it by day.

And here for the record is the little bit of self-encouragement that got me to the finish line …

The base of the little “marquee” came from a cigar mold that Don had cut to make a shaman …

The Scrabble tiles are kept in our pelican bowl on the dining room table so I can change out the “marquee” when the spirit moves me …

Underneath the bowl (which was a 25th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves) is a Hardanger cloth I made for my folks. It was sent to me recently by my sister-in-law Diane, as she and my brother are in the process of clearing the Shelter Island house before selling it. I’d say it’s held up pretty well for being at least 40 years old …

These days I’m not inclined to work with such precision, but I confess to greatly enjoying the beautiful slow stitch videos posted on Instagram by hardangerrebel. She almost makes me want to try my hand again.

14 thoughts on “Base-ic

  1. And she persisted and you did and will do as you continue with your My Heart’s Compass by day. (Just as an aside, the expression she persisted, from Wikipedia:)

    “Nevertheless, she persisted” is an expression adopted by the feminist movement, especially in the United States. It became popular in 2017 after the United States Senate voted to require Senator Elizabeth Warren to stop speaking during the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General.”

    What dreams you will have under the cover of My Heart’s Compass. Why I can imagine one of them right now: you are walking with Georgia O’Keeffe and she is pointing to one of her favorite mountains while you reach into your bag and pull out one of your moon squares….Between Don’s compelling Shamans and New Mexico inspired paintings and your pillows, cloths and now, your My Heart’s Compass, the spirit and enchantment of New Mexico surrounds you with love and joy and most certainly, is alive in your home.


    1. I do admire Elizabeth Warren, and definitely associate the word persist with her … and New Mexico’s place in middle of My Heart’s Compass (ha, I started to write “comfort”) is very significant, matched by the sea at the foot and the moons at the head of the bed


    1. having the blog to answer to also kept me on track … I’ve been so close for so long and now I’m bemused that it really didn’t take all that much time to finish the last patch


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