Almost there … and a recipe or two

I’m getting close …

But while you’re waiting for me to finish, here’s a recipe for tomatillo salsa that I thought I had blogged years ago. It was cobbled together after having some at the Gristmill in Gruene back in our live music listening days.

The key ingredients are firm dark green tomatillos and poblano pepper (I’m pretty sure the Gristmill used jalapeños, but they’re a little too hot for me) …

Plunk them in a mini food processor with some cilantro (stems and all) …

and pulse until it looks like pickle relish …

Add some chunks of avocado and give a few more pulses, just enough to rough chop the avocado …

Oh my goodness … so good as a side for enchiladas, as a dip with chips, or even as a topping for grilled hot dogs with Mexican street corn on flour tortillas …

and yeah, there’s a recipe for that

7 thoughts on “Almost there … and a recipe or two

  1. Loving those indigo moon patches in all their variations. And I have just had to look up tomatillos! Apparently you can now them here as well so I will keep look out in our nurseries…


    1. they’re quite curious with their papery covering and sticky exterior … and I confess I’ve not (yet) tasted one plain … but they are a wonderful addition to the Southwestern cooking that we have come to love


  2. I can’t believe how big Ellis and Parker have become! What fun to have such a cutie all to yourself. Thanks for the recipes and great work on the beautiful moons.


    1. all the kiddos got some one-on-one time as Griffin went to baseball with his dad and Parker got some quality time with her mom … Thursdays are sure to be something to look forward to for one and all

      P.S. hoping to see an update on your granddaughter some day …


    1. I confess that I can’t imagine not having the cilantro, but it has become a much-loved herb … which is funny because once upon a time when we were still living in Virginia Don brought home some cilantro instead of parsley … I took a sniff and said “nope” … anyway, now I’m thinking what else could substitute and maybe scallions would work


      1. maybe lemongrass …

        or this list from a quick Google search:

        Thai basil (or mint?)
        Cumin (or coriander?)
        Caraway Seeds.
        Mexican Oregano.


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