For Grace

I’ve been stitching strips of cloth onto a king size flannel sheet, finally getting back to the bed cover I’m calling my heart’s compass

It’s not exactly a quilt, as there’s no middle layer. And I’m perfectly okay with the stitching that shows on the other side. It’s a combination running/backstitch that I like to call the Texas Two-step …

In other news, we are headed to New Mexico in a couple of weeks. Our first ever visit was in 2014 when we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our first (blind) date. This time around we’ll be celebrating 48 years together. After a week in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos and Abiquiu, we’ll head over to Missouri to see Meliss and her crew.

So fair warning: lots of pictures to come!

18 thoughts on “For Grace

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of pictures .. my one and most probably my only trip to Santa Fe did not disappoint. Pictures of family are always welcome .. have a wonderful trip!!


  2. i look here and also, now am going back through all your posts…so much here
    to consider as i do all of it The First Time….THANK YOU, so much

    take my Love back to N Mex which has been very much with me of late. Always, like clockwork the cranes flew over Polvadera on October 15. Amazing but true. I would run OUT and lift my arms to them. My heart flew.


  3. LA – love the name of the piece and of course all very mysterious. May your planned trip go well and bring many gorgeous memories and much joy. B


  4. Your blues are soothing. I’ve made a couple of blankets without a middle. Really like the thinness, and how it allows for piling the blankets on without being too warm. Happy anniversary! It’s our 39th today.


    1. Congrats to you and K … we are looking forward to celebrating tomorrow … and yes, the blues are wonderful to work with … but there’s a lot of embellishing to do once the entire flannel sheet is coated in cloth


  5. My very first ever “art” quilt was pieces and chunks of a lot of hideous commercial prints stitched directly onto a navy blue, king-sized, fitted flannel sheet. I pulled all the elastic out of the edges so the overall shape was vaguely like a giant amoeba. There was no middle layer. Something so juicy about stitching right into flannel.


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