Kinkeeping is a relatively-new-to-me term, encountered sometime in the past year. It’s about the things we do … sending cards and gifts on birthdays, attending weddings, graduations and funerals, making note of the myriad details that are meaningful to our loved ones, following social media, texting and emailing … the list is endless, but in essence it’s all about staying in touch.

And just now it occurred to me that Kindred-Spirit-keeping might also be thing … which is to say, the connections we form in the course of blogging … the give and take of comments and replies … the circle of community created over years of faithful writing and reading.

In this particular community, much of which formed around Jude Hill and her original Spirit Cloth blog, it’s about cloth and stitch interwoven with the stories of our lives and loves. So now, with Feel Free, there is the invitation to come play … to begin again with the letter A.

I’m all in, with Paul Klee’s letters in mind …

Don’t you love how the colors shift? And of course none of them are truly representative of the actual bit of cloth. No matter … this is destined to end up on the table cloth where the colors will be many and varied.

10 thoughts on “Kinkeeping

  1. Anything Paul Klee is good with me! Also like the idea of kinkeeping and kindred spirit keeping too – amazing how little the miles matter when we’re all here together in spirit.


  2. LA – the organic nature of some works is the art itself – organically, gradually revealing itself – revealing a layer of beauty. B


  3. A is for art appreciation. I had to look up Paul Klee his works are wonderful .. thanks for the introduction. The fabric in your A is beautiful. I do so appreciate your posts ..


  4. Ah, “kinkeeping”…I had no idea there was a word for this! I’ve been pretty good at this over the years. I lag a bit more now, but will think about that now that I know there is an actual word for all of the communicating and connecting!
    Love the colors here 🙂


    1. I’d say your recent mailings are very much in keeping with the concept (so to speak) … I am a chronic late-birthday card sender, and I have a box full of note cards that I really should work on sending rather than warehousing …


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