22 thoughts on “A milestone of sorts

  1. Well, isn’t this just wonderful!!! I love the colors, how they match the rug and chest blanket and can’t wait to see the log cabin blocks! Please do continue to share, show the thickness and the back! As my mother would say, “Inquiring minds want to know!” xo


    1. For sure it will make many more appearances … and that bit of rug is a Navajo saddle blanket that my dad bought when he was stationed out west for army training in the early 1950s … I need to write a post about it someday


    1. I have been carrying it back and forth to the ironing board as I stitch each strip into place … so I can easily imagine taking it off the bed when I want to work on it … carry it to the stitching chair and add something whenever the spirit moves me

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  2. To rest and sleep under this enchanting quilt, floating in the colors of the sky, anchored by the colors of your hearts desired land… the color combinations are exquisite. How it must feel to be transported, each and every day, knowing that the magic that you hold in your heart for a special place, has come alive with the skill and magic of your fingers…simply stunning!


  3. It looks absolutely wonderful .. I love the colors and the size of it. It adds so much having it hang over the sides like that. I like Jude’s comment about it being a playground .. perfect way of saying you still have hour and hours of fun. Probably a lifetime!!


    1. some of your beautifully dyed cloth is under “Georgia’s Window” on my side of the bed … where it will keep my feet warm at night and my eyes delighted by day


  4. All those love filled stitches flowing through this beautiful fabric! I applaud you and look forward to more journeys on this quilt. Blessings 🙏🏻❤️


  5. As I looked through the photos I had the feeling that it was piece that…would go on forever and the party would never end… to paraphrase, kind of. It will bring you delight for so long in so many ways! Safe and happy travels.


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