Who knew?

You’re supposed to update phone apps? Or they don’t work correctly? I didn’t know that, but now I do and the long-running “Why won’t the WordPress images enlarge?” saga has finally come to a positive conclusion.

So now when you see a bunch of pictures, like this work in progress by Don …

you can click on any one of the images to bring up an enlarged view in what the WordPress Happiness Engineers call a carousel. Wheeeee 😉

Now I’m in the process of going back to past posts to update the galleries so they too will once again enlarge properly. So far I’ve made it back to July 2021. Onward … or is that backward?


24 thoughts on “Who knew?

    1. So I looked back … reported the issue on August 29 and was assisted by twelve Happiness Engineers along the way: Wendy, Elin, Sudeep, Bryan F, Robert, Rebecca, Regina, Fox, Cara, Ahmad, Jo, and Eze. Epic!


    1. No feeling bad here … just replied to the WordPress email query “so how’d we do?” … basically said “two weeks and 12 Happiness Engineers and I still have to manually update everything … seriously?”

      For as long as I worked with computers in libraries from Colonial Williamsburg to public schools to universities, my mantra was “live by technology, die by technology” … right along with “I’m having so much fun I can’t believe they pay me to do this”

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  1. Oh wow, I like that carousel effect. Twelve happiness engineers! That’s too funny. I can’t keep up with technology. In 1998, I knew I wanted an online presence so I learned HTML and haven’t really progressed much from those days. Updating blog posts from the past is mind-blowingly dull – I give people a lot of credit that do it. I have 149 symbol problems (’ instead of apostrophe) in my blog because something changed. The thought of fixing it makes me shudder.


  2. Yes, New Mexico can inspire but honestly, , I think Don carries deep inspiration within him.

    Aps….well no… My grandson has a fit because I use my phone as a phone, no apps downloaded, no games, no texts, no email, I don’t take photos with my phone and I don’t even message…I know, I belong in another century!


    1. I had a basic flip phone and a landline until 10 years ago when a library colleague predicted “just watch … you’ll get a smartphone when your grandkids are born” … at the time, I scoffed, being less than impressed by the college students who walked past the reference desk with heads bowed down and eyes glued to their phone screens … but much like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I did indeed succumb and now fully qualify as an iPhone zombie

      which is all by way of saying I admire you being you


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