I had hoped to see the almost-full moon set this morning, but found instead a gauze-covered sky.

So on to coffee, breakfast and the newspaper, a NYT xword, email, Facebook, blog reading … every day small things.

And thereby found a poem, nesting in the sidebar, the Kindred Spirits forming themselves into …

The Best Laid Plans

Fire fighting resolution:
don’t think …
jump, default, journey
keep charts 

Christmas trees and taxes
on the outside looking in
earth and air
my kitchen window
Spirit cloth past
a little piece of peace
drawstring bags for the dream

Another year
first snow
faux somehow

Giving thanks
patience is required …
time for
angst, blessings, retreat

From caring hands, threads …
letters to the otherworld 
passing, becalmed, changing

Wordlessly wondering

On my mind

A pause in judgement


Looking again, the line breaks shift and with them the meaning. I add and delete, delete and add.

Then stop and let it go.

10 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. Mo – I almost retitled this “3 AM”’when your latest post came through … this past year feels like a fever dream, the worst kind of delirium. I hope you’re right about 2018


  2. Fiona – I read it now and it is so random, but then, so is life, right? It's the connections that give it meaning.Yvette – I'm glad … for whatever reason, I wanted/needed to take a snapshot of the moment in time these words representedLouise – Thank you … I love your being here


  3. Liz…a treasure hidden within. How many other opportunities do we human overlook? The trees for the forest or the forest for the trees – I can never remember which is which!Blessings


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