A paean to paperless piecing

There are many things I have learned from Jude Hill, but none more valuable than her paperless piecing technique.

My favorite take on it is to tear cloth into strips …

then fold the edges back and overcast stitch the patches together. The magic in it is how beautifully the seams stay open on the other side …

So now I’m off to “quilt” this pillow top …

to a linen backing … and I put “quilt” in quotation marks, because the resulting double layer of cloth won’t truly be a quilt as there will be no middle layer.

There will be more to come on the meaning within this cloth once it has been united with its other side. Later gator …

20 thoughts on “A paean to paperless piecing

  1. I love the colors too and agree with Nancy — they seem so arid and southern. The asymmetric placement of the stripes and the blue is appealing. Keeps it lively!


  2. So lovely! As always, your work is admirable. A log cabin – one of my very favorite “quilt” blocks.


  3. Patchplay sounds more like me too! There are still so many things to learn and explore! looking forward to hearing more about this one. Go well.


  4. I agree on it being very SouthWest. Not just the colors. Although log cabin is an old block used everywhere, something about this speaks to me of SW Native American design. It’s not just the color, but other than that, I can’t place it.


  5. You say wonky, I see expert skills. I love to tear cloth, too. It was always fun to do a big rip when sewing with students. And Jude’s piecing method does make it all so much more enjoyable! Was just at Deb’s, so now spying your shirt hem!


    1. white linen dyed with prairie tea yields my most favorite shade of yellow gold … and this isn’t the first time I’ve torn up a shirt to get that color into a pieced cloth

      as for tearing, I tend to rip as I go … which is a problem when I need another strip while Don is taking a nap …


  6. those colours!
    the earthy tones and how that bit of blue lifts it all up and pulls it together, great stuff Liz


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