The good, the bad, and the silly … in no particular order

It is raining for the first time in 45 days, so I went outside to smell the scent of it and to uncover the new baby tomato plants, which have never before experienced rain …

which lasted all of five minutes … poof!

We’re also growing swallowtail caterpillars which are exceedingly fond of parsley … 15 of them at last count …

And I have no idea what this is all about, but I love it all the same …

On the other hand, I wasn’t loving the paper piecing experiment, so I disassembled it …

Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

20 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the silly … in no particular order

  1. That’s about how much rain we get lately.
    Kids, ha.
    Piecing, I hardly ever take it apart. I leave it and start another. Those mistakes get thrown in the basket and always seem ok later.


  2. I’ve been sharing my parsley with caterpillars for a few weeks now .. they’ve been eating more than me but I don’t have the heart to disturb them. My butterfly bush has been attracting all kinds of beautiful butterflies. Seems people have to much rain or not enough .. it truly is getting very scary. My sister who is planning a move back to Switzerland just told me that the port the cargo ship which was to deliver her belongings is closed due to the drought leaving the water levels along the Rhine to low. I always fall short of remembering that this is not just a problem here but a global one.
    Hoping you get more rain and a break in your weather soon.


    1. for sure I remember 2015 and 2016 rainfall more than any other years as I stitched the aforementioned Land of Flood and Drought cloths … and now I’m wondering if I could use your link to document a longer stretch of time … hmmmmm


      1. For me it is that rain of 2005…the mudslide that crushed La Conchita, killing 10…one man loosing his wife and all but one of his children (4 I think)…
        I’ll never forget.
        Looking forward to what you do!


  3. Maybe something has gone to their heads!!! DH planted 2 San Marzano tomato plants this year. Very sweet. This is the same type of tomato he buys for making marinara. Uses Cento brand. I think we all have a “Piece Basket.” Love and Hugs.


    1. Ha! Griffin will appreciate this comment! … we couldn’t find San Marzano plants this year … I envy F having two … and how is it I never thought of piece/peace basket? … better late than never


  4. Laughed out loud at the sight of the kids! We’ve had a couple of five-minute rains that dried up just as fast, but there was a beautiful long pour the other day. I went and stood in it. Paper piecing would take more patience and skill than I have anymore.


    1. I do enjoy paper piecing … just had to admit that it wasn’t a good fit for a pillow that is going to get daily use on the couch … onward

      as for rain … my daughter’s home is 20 minutes away and they got a half hour long downpour, but we got not a drop … guess that’s the very definition of an “isolated shower”


  5. Hi LA – I hope you don’t mind sharing your parsley with the caterpillars!!! What don’t you understand about synchronised head standing!!! there are some pieces that we just have to start again until they find their right path. Stay safe and may you have more rain – I think we have yours over here. B


    1. sharing the garden has long been our practice, and if we’re lucky, the swallowtails will return to put on a show … and while I may not know why the kiddos were doing headstands, what I most love is that they’re all playing together in spite of a significant age difference … inspiration and rain have yet to appear, but hope springs eternal


  6. Same here with the rain, there’s been virtually none for a couple of months now. Very unlike our usual British summer!


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