Where to begin?

We are back in Texas after nearly three weeks of visiting friends …

Gathering family …

Celebrating graduation …

Heading to the beach …

Eating, always eating …

Playing, with a little posing thrown in for fun …

Beach combing …

Sky watching …

And then, all too soon …

Saying goodbye …

24 thoughts on “Where to begin?

  1. I got to the picture of your and your granddaughter looking up at the sky and just cried it was so beautiful. This needs to be a book. A copy for each family member, especially the littles.


    1. I do love to have E’s help looking for the full moon … and I guess this blog is that “book” … a way for them to look back some day (along with the annual slide shows that PopPop puts together to show at the beach … they love looking back at their younger selves)


  2. As always, looking at these photos, no words are needed for they so beautifully and lovingly spell out Family, another word for Celebration…


  3. Wonderful pix of you and your beautiful family! Especially enjoyed what you all did to create the shell tree. Such a great idea!


    1. Wish we could take credit for the shell tree, but it was someone else’s creation … I was so hoping to find a broken heart cockle, but resisted the temptation to lift one off of the tree


    1. when I saw how the moon picture turned out I said I would never need to take another (although I will surely try) … there is nothing like being at the beach


  4. Hi LA – what an amazing blog – so full of delight in so many forms – a very very full three weeks. You have so many gorgeous family moments and memories. On an art not I do love the shell tree installation; and what a grand piece by Don incorporating so many elements including look for hope in small things and choose kindness – i’m sure the person on whose wall this hangs will be inspired daily. Thanks for sharing so much. Go well. B


  5. what an absolutely fantastic fun family filled trip, thank you so much for sharing xXx
    ‘choose kindness’
    love that shell tree


    1. to which I would add “choose to be happy” …

      there are so many dead trees due to the ocean overwashing the dunes in Avon, NC … I saw the shell tree too late in the week, but next time I will certainly try to recreate it


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