Good news, bad news

Bad news first: we played Travel Roulette one time too many and both came down with mild cases of Covid (thank goodness for being fully vaxxed and boosted).

Fortunately, it didn’t happen until after Logan’s graduation and our week at the beach … once we were safe in Missouri in the capable hands of our newly minted RN daughter, who passed her boards on the first try.

So we extended our stay in St Louis (thank you to Southwest for no-fee rescheduling), while quarantining in the guest room. And are now back in Texas, where I’m impatiently waiting for my sense of taste and smell to recover.

More good news: my daughters know how much I love books, especially books about stitch and dye …

And I’m glad I brought Deb cloth and threads to the beach, where I stitched patches of color …

in between seeking and finding inspiration on my beach walks …

More stitching and stories to come … soon.

26 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. Sorry to hear about COVID and grateful to know you were quarantined in good hands. Beautiful photos of happy times. I have had my eye on that Wlmsbrg Dye book for some time.
    Good health, peace and blessings


  2. I have the Fragmentation and Repair book, I love it. What glorious fabrics from Deb too. Hope you are well again soon x


  3. Try to stand next to your basil plant and sniff, better, pop a few leaves in your mouth- maybe that will kick start your sense of both smell and taste…sure hope they return soon cause it is so hard when you love to cook and can’t taste or smell. If a mild case of Covid can cause you to lose these senses, jeez, what happens if you get a more severe case?

    Your beach walk photos took me on a wonderful walk…I do miss foraging at the beach so thanks for sharing these wondrous times.


  4. So glad that your doses have been mild and that you are on the mend. Hoping that your senses return (ha!) soon and that you can make a gentle and thorough recovery. I like seeing all the photos in a quilt of squares – seems very inviting and inspiring. I also love Fragmentation and Repair – so many things to try to do! Go well, and get well.


    1. photo patching has served me well in the past … and of course, there’s a story to tell about where I’m headed … soon

      Fragmentation and Repair holds so much that I haven’t yet made it all the way through … then will need to double back and start annotating with my own ideas


  5. Liz & Don…Oh man. So sorry to hear about the covid. One of my co-teachers also has it. I have to test agin on Thursday. I hope your case remains mild and you both are well again soon.
    Love the collages of beautiful beach scenes videos.Such memory keepers.
    Rest well.


    1. it’s odd, even though I feel pretty much fine, I am napping a lot and losing weight … my body is obviously hard at work trying to sweep covid out … even stitching feels like a heavy lift


  6. So many are testing positive to Covid .. all thankfully have been vaccinated which is keeping people out of the hospital but not out of bed. Did not know about Hazel .. hoping like you she is feeling better. Love seeing all you little squares and look forward to seeing what you do with them.


    1. yesterday was a very productive stitching day … I must be getting better

      but I heard news (which I haven’t yet been able to track down, but pretty sure it was on NPR) that there is a greater chance of future reinfection with omicron than with previous variants … all the more reason to keep masking in public


    1. each day I feel about 10 percent better … yesterday was the first that I didn’t reach for any acetaminophen … hoping your work situation continues to improve, too


  7. LA – sorry to hear you got hit with covid – given the movement of people and new variants I not sure any of us will avoid it. Great you had a good place to isolate and creative stuff and books to help you pass the time. Good to hear you are back in Texas. Stay safe. B


    1. feeling safe is an increasing challenge in the US … virtually impossible in the face of white supremacists (read: patriarchy), covid, mass shootings, and climate change triggered severe weather events …

      to say I’m feeling pessimistic is a vast understatement


  8. Hey there Liz, so glad you and Don have recovered from Covid, or mostly, ha! You’ve got to know I’m loving those colorful squares you are stitching up. And those 2 books you shared, I’ve not seen either of them before. Did you buy them and bring them on your trip or did your daughter already have them at her house? They both look interesting.


    1. the books were gifted by each of my daughters on or about my birthday … which was spent waking at 6:00 am to clean our vacation rental and pack for a flight to Missouri … which we finally reached 18 hours later … an epic travel day (which seems to be the norm these days)

      I am partial to the Batsford series of textile art books, so I keep an eye out for new publications and requested the latest from my Texas kiddo … the Colonial Williamsburg book was spotted by my Missouri daughter when we were all in town for Logan’s graduation … both delightful reads, although arguably I don’t need yet another book … you can’t have too many, right???


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