Stepping it up

I can’t stop stitching. Well, I can, but I don’t like to. I’m having so much fun seeing this come together that it’s frustrating to have other stuff like laundry and meals and sleeping to attend to …

And there’s some very happy news to share from daughter Meliss (click for full images) …

Not to mention a celebration for Meg’s birthday (click for full images) …

I love that Meg lit her own candles and started to sing with us … she’s such a great mom.

And today the art blog has a rare two-fer …

20 thoughts on “Stepping it up

  1. If ever there was a blog post that was filled with joy, achievement and love, this is it:

    Ellis’s quilt just pulses with happy…love the colors and the layout.

    Stellar news re Melissa, what an achievement and what a proud moment for all of you,most especially Melissa. Having several nurses in our family, I have always felt that nurses are heroes and angels on this earth. Congratulations Melissa, you will be a very special labor and delivery nurse; you have chosen an inspiriting, rewarding and important profession.

    Happy Birthday to Meghan. I wish you all the best. Any Mom who sings along on her birthday is my kind of Mom.


  2. Congratulations to your family .. I love nurses and all they do and stand for everyday. You have every reason to be proud!!
    Your book is fantastic and I haven’t even read it yet .. that have to wait till I’m back home so I can read it in my tablet. I’m away from home dog sitting till Sunday evening. Can’t believe we’re already into December .. crazy!


    1. thanks Nancy … I have to admit being “jealous” of Melissa’s career path … at one time I considered becoming a Bradley childbirth educator, so I totally get why she has chosen Labor and Delivery


  3. Hi LA – great news regarding M. I had to laugh about you being so into the stitching that all else could almost be put aside – art can do that to one at times. The quilt will be finished soon by the looks of it. Go well. B


    1. B – back when I was a part of the Eastern Virginia Writing Project, writing used to put me in the same zone … it’s a great place to be, even it it does result in some neglected household tasks


  4. Amazing stitch work. I can understand why you can’t put it down.
    It is so wonderful that Meliss has found such joy with nursing. What a great achievement!
    Joy to the world.
    (I thought I had already commented but I can’t find it. Probably didn’t press “post”)


  5. Such great news! And such a great project. 🙂 I am following a thread of inspiration from you and stitching my handprint on my blanket.


  6. What lovely family news! Congratulations to Melissa for her new job and Meg for her birthday. The quilt is so fresh and alluring.


  7. Bubbling over with happiness and joy! Big congrats to Melissa – wonderful reward for such effort; and to the joining in birthday singing crew too! I am loving watch the quilt emerge – and even more so knowing how absorbing and joy-full it is for you too! Happy Days indeed.


  8. How special and sweet, Nutcracker with your daughter and granddaughter. it is one of those special holiday Grandmother moments that reach into the heart.

    The year my Dad died, my Mom came to be with us at Christmas. She had always loved ballet but had never seen one so my girls and I took her to see Nutcracker. The look on her face was radiant and pure joy. Our girls presented her with a corsage of pink baby roses to wear to the ballet. (My Dad always gave her a pink baby rose corsage for Christmas to wear to midnight mass, not red but pink for she so loved the color. We wanted him to be a part of this special event.)

    All of these years later, when my granddaughter Rowie was a ballet student,(from the age of 3 until 11) she danced in the Nutcracker, part of the ensemble…I never saw a live performance but did see video that the ballet school kindly sent to me. AND I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my Mom, from her Spirit place, had the same look of Joy on her face to “see” her great granddaughter up on her toes, swirling and dancing.


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