Come together

Not surprisingly, given all the fanfare about the most recent Beatles production, I’ve had more Beatles tunes than usual running through my internal radio station. Besides which, “come together” is the perfect description of this next panel for E’s coverlet (which will eventually become the bottom edge) …

So, top edge and bottom edge done … now I’m on to the middle! Watch this space.

Meantime, Don has been painting up a Christmas storm (more to come on that), which means his porch painting has continued apace (click to see full images) …

Needless to say, we’re having great fun finding fantastical creatures (which makes me think of Deb Sposa’s blob animal assignments given as 7th grade final exams).

And it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house, thanks to Don who is the lead decorator both inside and out (although I do get to hang bells and decorate the tree).

Which is to say, be in the lookout for lots of seasonal treasures on the art blog, starting with this lovely lady …

16 thoughts on “Come together

  1. Why I just realized that Ellis’s quilt and Don’s patio floor painting ” come together” in a creation of color and joy!

    2nd photo, splash of green near the bottom with several appendages sticking up, is the spirit of Joy dancing: she has stuck out her fingers, twirled her hair, see it sticks up in two spikes as she dances in honor of this Fantasy floor…she gets what Don is doing and she is dancing to Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Fantasy” in an homage to Don:

    (First stanza of Fantasy)

    “Every man has a place, in his heart there’s a space
    And the world can’t erase his fantasies
    Take a ride in the sky, on our ship, Fantasii
    All your dreams will come true, right away…”


  2. LA – what creative fun – the patio certainly is getting a new life ready for Christmas. Crazy how tunes can just get in the head and replay over and over. The children will really enjoy the decorations efforts I’m sure. Go well. B


    1. so anti-establishment … but I still haven’t convinced Don to let the grandkids paint on the wall of the bunk room (as author/illustrator Peter Catalanotto did when he and his sibs were growing up_


  3. Thanks for featuring the little mouse! I chatted with WordPress today and they fixed the links to photos on my mice-making tutorial post. I still don’t quite understand what happened. It looks like I may have to re-route every single missing picture (!!!). The quilt gains body and weight and confidence as it grows.


  4. Such a happy thoughtful quilt, and Parker must be thrilled to be a part of it! I think that patio needs to be a dance floor, perhaps a disco ball above?! Thank you for sharing Marti’s photos, what a delight to see glimpses of her world.


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