Testing, testing … check, check

So I finished Remember 2021 and I finished Moon Myth. But I don’t honestly feel like finishing the family sampler right now.

Okay then … time to start a new project. And what better than the long-planned coverlet for Ellis to be made with pieces from some of her baby clothes (which were disassembled some time back) along with some gifted and purchased cloth …

As with P’s coverlet

there will be several kinds of blocks to piece together. Nine-patches for sure, and random rows of cloth, and new for this time, half-log-cabin blocks. Sorta like this, I’m thinking …

Which means, now that I’ve tested this new-to-me pattern with non-Ellis clothing, it’s time to get started for real.

I’ve also been testing (pushing?) the limits of the Puluz photo light box and today I definitely hit a snag …

Yep … lights reflecting off the glass. Fortunately I figured out a work-around by zooming in on the image and cropping out the reflections, so all’s well and you can now read all about it on the art blog …


10 thoughts on “Testing, testing … check, check

  1. LA – the similarity between how you bring forward the history of the children’s clothing into coverlets and how I bring forward memories into metal pieces makes me smile. Passages is such an intriguing piece. Go well. B


      1. since I’m “allergic” to machine sewing, hand sewing is where I find my joy … but I do draw the line at binding, which always seems to be the first thing to wear out after all the effort that goes into it … so I tend to do frayed edge more often than not


    1. B – thank you for this … I too smile …

      it was fun to explain the making of E’s coverlet to Parker when she came over to visit yesterday … she didn’t realize her own coverlet is made from her baby clothes, so I was able to show her pictures of her baby and toddler times and the clothes that are now on her bed


  2. Oh this sounds like fun! The fabric waiting to be used looks so inviting in their box. And I can only imagine those magic moments when a favourite clothing item gets discovered in the coverlet. Enjoy!


    1. I paired them up yesterday and started to tear strips of cloth (much as I’m “allergic” to machine sewing, I also have an aversion to rotary cutters and rulers … ha!)


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