Spoiler alert: birthday gift preview

Ellis will celebrate her first birthday one week from today. She has sprouted new front teeth for the occasion …

and is working on walking …

She loves books, so I created one from her outgrown baby clothes …

complete with a peek-a-boo flap a la Pat the Bunny

It is full of siblings …

parents …

and extended family …

with a NanaPopPop thrown in for good measure …

because every birthday is special, but first birthdays especially so …

And while I was too in-the-zone to stop and take process pictures along the way, here’s a look at the stitched spine …

which was great good fun to cobble together.

Last, but not least, for all of you who predicted it would be so very soft to the touch …

you were so very right!

31 thoughts on “Spoiler alert: birthday gift preview

  1. Liz! How wonderful- a treasure for certain. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasure. Love and memories so thoughtfully and sweetly “bound” together. XOXO


  2. Liz!!! I’m practically speechless! This is such a wonderful keepsake, so beautifully done. I used to make peek-a-boo posters in my classrooms, but laminated pics with cloth covers. Super fun for them. Of course the teacher in me also thinks, such a great tool for building language and bonding, especially during far away days of covid…saying names,, seeing family…she will love it! Liz, you are a wonder! I just so love this!


  3. A precious gift for an adorable little girl. She will treasure it and share it some day with her own children. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ellis in the first photo, she is illuminated with joy and happiness and it just leaps off the page. Looking at her, looking at this precious gift for her, filled with her family, made by her sweet dear Nana, well it’s like receiving a cyber hug and it all is truly special. Thank you LIz for making us all a part of this moment in time and Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday) Ellis.


  5. What a wonderful gift! A beautiful joyful treasure that the whole family will love for generations to come! Are the photos printed on fabric?


    1. The pictures are printed on an inkjet compatible canvas that I bought at an office supply store several years ago … I looked on Amazon and there are more options, hopefully better than what I used (the images are very stable, but sheets got jammed so often that I had to throw out two for every usable one)


  6. coming to try to a leave comment. so far it hasn’t worked. love how much care and attention to detail radiates from every page of the project. Also your grandaughter’s joy and ease in the first image.


    1. Blog comments are an ongoing headache … one of the reasons I shut down briefly. The good news is, I’m no longer getting Russian spam (which had picked up last month … just like it did in 2016)


  7. you made a book!
    WOW, it is so moving and lovingly made; I love all the images in this post and am in awe of your spine


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