Almost there …

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when my cloth goes wonky since I don’t measure anything except the height of each patch (1” for the black and white patches, 1.75” for the colorful patches) …

So it is what it is and this patchplay needs only two more headings for May and June up top and a strip of black and white patches along the right hand edge. Then I’ll let it rest until I decide whether to continue with the rest of the year or back the cloth as is. I’m good with it either way.

I’m also extremely good with the development of the new art … fully told blog. Since I didn’t formally announce the first posts, here they all are in chronological order …

N.B. From here-on-in I’ll just post the most recent

11 thoughts on “Almost there …

  1. This cloth is such a delightful, colorful record of what was! It looks great! I’ve been enjoying the art posts over there. I am always fascinated by what folks collect as their own personal treasures 🙂


    1. Don and I were commenting on how we’ve never really spent a lot on art (until recently) … when we saw a potter we liked we’d buy a mug … or note cards from a painter … sometimes all we took away was the inspiration to create something new ourselves … I’m hoping that noting the years that things were bought and/or made will encourage us to look back more often


    1. It will be good to finish the patchplay and move on to finishing Moon Myth … the art cataloging has reawakened memories of my working days (in a good way)


  2. I am starting to put together more of the “Good enough” quilt blocks and oh my there is some wonky there too. Really that seems just fine, sign of the times.


      1. You are clever to find this tag, Liz. I was looking it up myself just now. I couldn’t even remember what I’d called the cloth. It was originally supposed to have circle motifs and be related to the equinoxes/solstices. But that didn’t work out. So now it’s just vaguely seasonal at each corner. I called it “done.” But I’m not done with black & white & colorful squares!

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