20 thoughts on “Callin’ it done enough (for now)

  1. How beautiful and bright it looks sitting in your environment! I would stare at it too…if I wasn’t snuggled up in that comfy chair! The picture above the chair looks pretty interesting too 🙂


    1. B – thanks, but honestly, unless I look closely at the individual patches, it looks so much like the Remember 2016 cloth that, well, I guess I simply didn’t want to do that anymore … so onward!


  2. Lots of memories in those little blocks .. it’ll be good company.
    Loving your husband’s art and the art you’ve collected. My dad was an artist .. I treasure his paintings that I’m lucky enough to have.


    1. I love knowing that … what kinds of art did he do? Is any of it on your Instagram?

      And P.S. Your dyeing has been the inspiration for my Inktense trials … thank you for that!


  3. love it, Liz, a wonder FULL story of days
    and wanting to say things about how Don is able to give expression to his vision of N Mex…
    through his own HeartEye but i can’t find the right words yet but i see it and so much
    appreciate both his Art and the deep thoughts it brings for me


    1. We have been talking even more about art (which is saying something as we talk about art quite a bit) … finding thoughts we didn’t know we had … a new adventure

      and New Mexico … well, you know


  4. It’s just so bright and joyful! Do you smile every time you see it across the way?
    I used to joke that my tombstone would say, “She bucked up and led a good enough life.”


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