Three more

July 23-25, 2021 – Leaving Folly

We don’t usually eat out when we go to the beach, but I’m glad Meg and Paul decided we should take the whole family out for our last night on Folly Island.

With fingers crossed we decided to try LOLO (Locklear’s Lowcountry Grill), as much for the name (our granddaughter Logan’s nickname is Lolo) as for the seemingly good reviews … followed by a last walk to Bert’s for ice cream cones …

Suffice it to say that our menu choices earned enthusiastic thumbs up: hushpuppies, she crab soup, fried mud bugs (aka crawfish), shrimp (three ways), flounder, grits, fries and slaw … all happily eaten on the outdoor deck overlooking the water.

The only down side was no “merch” as we were very much hoping to bring home a t-shirt or two. Ah well, at least we have lots of good memories to look back on …

Our last day on the island was spent packing up to leave by 11:00 and then finding ways to spend our time until a 6:30 pm flight out. So we went to Charleston, where we had Texas-style BBQ for lunch and the kids explored the Children’s Museum …

We made one last stop on the way to the airport: a drive-by pilgrimage to Mother Emanuel AME Church …

scene of a tragic shooting in 2015 that brought many of us together when Dee Mallon suggested the creation of a Hearts for Charleston quilt. I’ll be forever grateful for that experience.

Unfortunately, the flight home was more daunting than usual. Sadly, I now know when a plane is overfilled with fuel, you get to exit the plane while they empty the fuel tanks and try to get it right the second time. N.B. Don’t throw out your boarding pass until you arrive at your final destination … you might need it 😉

The good news is, the Olympics were on when we woke up Sunday morning. So we had something to occupy our time in between laundry and cat naps …

July 25, 2021 – Ring dance

which kinda explains the less-than-complete logo … ha!

8 thoughts on “Three more

  1. LA – what great weather for your time together – so many joyful time with the children – but probably also good to be home safely. Go well. B


    1. we have found over the years that one week is about the right amount of time to be away from home and routines … for adults and children alike

      unfortunately, we’ve returned home to renewed concerns about Covid … it boggles the mind that people would choose not to get vaccinated, but even more so that there are people peddling patently false “information”


  2. Such a wonderful beach – family trip! i bet the house will feel quiet. I love how you do these posts, group photo first and then the story unrolls. I like trying to figure out what they may be, before I start reading. I can’t believe how much the grands have grown! Do I keep saying that? lol
    I too treasure the opportunity with Dee’s quilt. I think of it every time I hear “Charleston” mentioned on the news.


    1. I’ve made well over 500 patches between the two Remember projects and yet I’m still coming up with new ways of approaching it … I’m glad you like the new way of going, which will probably be around for a while

      it’s strange … I didn’t do any research before our trip to Folly Beach and the Charleston connection didn’t “click” … it was Don who suggested driving by Mother Emanuel


  3. I never managed, in three trips to Charleston, to sample she crab soup. Was it good?

    Seeing your square for the Hearts for Charleston quilt is like seeing an old friend. It was a privilege to assemble such innovative and well-crafted squares and meaningful to come together to express grief and learn about the Mother Emanuel community. Thank you.


    1. it was … although the she crab soup at Fisherman’s Inn in Maryland will always be at the top of my list …

      and Hearts for Charleston was, bar none, the most intense, contemplative project I ever undertook … it was a privilege to be a part of it

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  4. So good to see the family time – small things, big things, all together. The church spire against that blue is beautiful; and the memories of that project wonderful to re-live. The partial Olympics is brilliant!


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