July 20-22, 2021 – Folly Beach continued

Tuesday I did not go to the beach … too many stairs in the rental house had my sciatic nerve sending clear signals to STOP.

But I did make a tide chart with G, so he would know whether the tide was rising or falling at the beach …

Turns out there was a sand dollar waiting to be found at low tide …

with lots of other fun besides …

And if I missed being on the beach, at least there was rainy afternoon fun to be had making cookie dough …

Fortunately, after a full day of abstaining from stair climbing, I was ready to return to the beach on Wednesday. We headed for the County Park, a paid parking beach that was much more in keeping with our young folks/old folks vibe …

And if it rained, yet again, that afternoon, we took solace in playing Peace Ninjas (because this Nana is unwilling to play good guys/bad guys so we do tree pose to warm up and then save the world together) …

Best of all was dinner … North Carolina sourced crab cakes (at an eye-popping $50 per pound, worth every penny) …

followed by a sighting of the waxing gibbous moon …

which G aptly called a “lemon moon” … a perfect view of which can be seen on Barry’s blog.

And through it all I was reading a biography of Agnes Martin … one I had reserved at the library in anticipation of our autumn trip to New Mexico, but which was handily available on the bookshelves in the vacation house.

Thursday I walked a prayer while beach combing. And as I did, I thought of the Kindred Spirits, picking up shells that reminded of Agnes Martin’s penciled grids and subtle colors …

and her words: “The response to art is … feeling, not intellectual … true feelings such as you would have at the beach — freedom, joy, gratitude, innocence, harmony, content(ment?), the sublime …”

24 thoughts on “Troika

  1. Your photos in this post, your words, are like picked up sea shells, those necessary treasures that always found a way into my pockets,,,so much joy in these photos. I can hear the dance of the surf and smell that salty briny air. For so many years, the sea was my go to place to unwind, easy to get to when I lived in CA, Maui and even Washington. It has been 5 yrs since I’ve been to the sea and ate crab. My favorite crab is dungeness, a West coast treat, simply prepared, brought whole to the table with a bit of melted butter with garlic, lots of sourdough bread, and any and all devices that allow for cracking the shells and drawing out the meat. Crab cakes were a very special treat when we would dine out; I’ve never made them so I loved seeing yours.


  2. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to the sea or eaten crab so this post is especially wonderful and gratifying. For many years, the sea was my comfort place, a place that always replenished me. Your joyful photos and words and those luscious crab cakes have done just that this afternoon…thanks for not only feeding my soul but also my appetite!


  3. Hi LA – sorry to hear about your back pain and its impact on activity and life; but so lovely to see such enjoyment , wonder and discovery by the family particularly the little ones – resulting of course in great memorable patches – and thanks for the moon share. Go well. B


    1. your moon pictures are such a joy … I hope others who haven’t seen them before will find their way to your blog (which has so so much more than just moon shots)

      As for back pain, I’m getting better at not trying to power through it … the wisdom of age


  4. I love watching how your creative mind captures your precious moments. The pic of you and your grands looking at the moon is such a moment in time! You remind me of me, on the playground with littles looking at the crows or the ‘children’s’ (daytime) moon 🙂 Love the family posts Liz…so sweet.


    1. I’ve fallen away from taking pictures over the past year or so … being more in the moment, then regretting that I didn’t take more. Fortunately, Meg was really into it, so I have to credit her for giving me so many great pictures to share


  5. Another beautiful love filled post. I think of you when we make cookie dough now. You are one awesome nana. Tree pose story- 7 months pregnant w/Blue in pregnancy yoga class (my first). Teacher got into tree pose and I laughed. Puzzled pause in the room… “Oh, you’re serious? I couldn’t do that not pregnant!” I said. Silence as everyone else proceeded into pose, and I failed (not the first or last time in yoga!)


  6. This looks like such a lovely and love filled vacation. I have been thinking about a picnic breakfast at the beach tomorrow… I think I must now.


  7. I love coming back and reading all of the other comments (folks often say things I thought or meant to say!) and your response…such a caring rich community. 🙂


    1. I’m with you … circling back to the Kindred Spirit blogs is my favorite morning coffee routine …

      and as Deb G and I are both reading You Are Here after you wrote about it, I feel like I’m part of a book club … ha!


  8. All that gorgeous family time captured and held and remembered. The Agnes patch. Sublime, beautiful, calming, soothing, gentle. I can stare and stare at it.


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