Coming and going

May 2, 2021 – A B Selfie
May 7, 2021 – Backward ABCs

I’ve been thinking recently about “audience,” which is to say, who is in my mind as I stitch.

When I made Remember 2016, it was all about Logan (then 11 going on 12) …

Jackson (3 going on 4) …

Griffin (also 3 going on 4) …

and Jace (1 going on 2) …

These days, it’s very much about the new littlest ones, Parker (who just turned 4) …

and Ellis (1 going on 2) …

in hopes that they will find themselves in the patches of Remember 2021, just as their older sibling and cousins find themselves in Remember 2016.

And so in these most recent patches, a nod to Ellis, who is learning to talk and sing. Each visit gives us new glimpses into her growing vocabulary. And when we’re not there, Meg sends us milestone videos, like this 45 second rendition of the ABC song …

But better yet was our most recent babysitting adventure, when Ellis began to sing along with my Backward ABC song, which Griffin and Parker then joined in (because of course I taught it to them when they were “1 going on 2”).

While there was no video evidence, I did confess to Meg that she should probably let the pre-school teachers know about E’s latest addition to her repertoire … lest they wonder … yet again.

6 thoughts on “Coming and going

    1. practice … exactly … the backward ABCs were “born” when my first-born had colic and cried endlessly … bored with singing the ABCs the “right” way, I concocted my own backward version … I’ve been singing it that way ever since, to the amusement (and sometimes bemusement) of my family


  1. LA – subversive grandma right there. So good that the children have folk who will talk with and sing with them. And what a treat to find one’s place in the 2016 series or the 2021 series!!! B


  2. It must be great to see (and imagine) the little ones pointing their moments out – making their memories even stronger.


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