Last April patches (with addenda)

April 23, 2021 – Dictionary
April 30, 2021 – Global weirding

Austin Kleon’s newsletter on April 23rd included a love note to paper dictionaries. And I quite agree with him, but I confess that I rarely use my trusty 1970s vintage Merriam-Webster Collegiate (received in 1974 as a high school graduation gift). These days I prefer to use

Even when it’s a word I know how to spell, I very much like to double-check definitions … and perhaps find an even more apt word in the list of synonyms (who needs a thesaurus?)

Here, for instance, is what I found when thinking up the Global Weirding patch on a day that included a forecast of baseball-sized hail (which fortunately did not make an appearance) …

Wait, what? Weirding isn’t a word? Well fine, then show me weirding out

Yeah, that fits. As suggested by Thomas Friedman

the term global weirding makes more sense than global warming (although both are certainly true, with the warming causing the weirding).

So I found a stormy patch of cloth and stitched some imaginary hailstones …

then ironed out the erasable marks, because that’s what the cloth wanted that day.


9 thoughts on “Last April patches (with addenda)

  1. As a John Denver fan, Far Out! was my phrase!! lol Every now and again, my mom the Jr High teacher would say ‘groovy’ and we’d cringe…teens embarrassed by their mother’s attempts at ‘cool’ (which I still use a lot).
    BTW~ I love a thesaurus…and dictionary (I still have my mom’s small paperback version, with her bookmark in the same place she left it!


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