That’s a wrap … or is that a warp?

March 31, 2021 – Easter egg

While I was in St Louis, I bought an egg spinning kit for Jace and Jackson at Target. Meliss waited until it was closer to Easter before turning them loose and then called on Facetime so I could see them in action …

Luckily I had the perfect thrift store cloth match for an egg patch.

With the month of a March finally done and stitched onto the January and February patches, I discovered a problem: the cloth was warped, visibly wider at the bottom than the top row of black and white patches.

Thinking it might help, I made a new row of black and white patches the same size as the top row and eased (well actually, forced) everything together …

But it was obvious that the March patches were buckling, plus the new row of black and white patches was stretched beyond reasonable.

I took them all apart and found my eyes hadn’t been lyin’ …

I think this could best be called mission creep. So it’s back to the drawing board to do a little what-iffing 😉

15 thoughts on “That’s a wrap … or is that a warp?

  1. Find the center of each and align and let the edges be uneven. That’s how life is. It’s real and uneven and gloriously edgy.


    1. The last Remember cloth was gloriously rhomboid … so I am not at all averse to uneven edges … this is more along the lines of an intriguing problem to solve as opposed to a quest for “perfection”


    1. I seriously considered leaving it as it was, but I love stitching looooong seams, so taking it apart wasn’t a hard conclusion to reach (and now I may even edit a patch or three)


    1. good suggestion … I decided to soak the stretched strip of black and white patches and let it dry overnight … it “bounced back” to its original length … so now I plan to do the same with all the strips and give them a gentle pressing so that everything is at the same level of “tension” …



  2. My knitting always did that – stretched as it grew. I think the problem solving part is good; but the frustration not so good. Hopefully you can solve it and prevent it – the would be great! That aside – the egg patch is brilliant!!! The perfect fabric – I love how it is the background yet runs through the egg so we get it. Clever.


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