Almost there …

March 29, 2021 – Michael’s — March 30, 2021 – Pencil Day

I used to get Target gift cards to send to the grandkids on holidays, but it occurred to me this time around that gift cards from an art supply store would be a better idea. So I headed over to the nearest Michael’s and stocked up. Then printed out some Easter cards to put them in …

However, I did edit the text on Logan’s card to read “just hop in your car and drive over to Michael’s!”

The gift cards reminded me of some linen that I used too clean my paintbrush during an Inktense experiment. The experiment was a bust, but the cleaning rag was a keeper. Better yet, it paired beautifully with Deb Lacativa’s dyed threads …

which actually showed up best on the back.

As for March 30th, aka Pencil Day …

I decided to create a memory patch of my Christmas gifts to Don: a hand-cranked pencil sharpener and a pack of Ticonderoga HB 2s …

Pretty sharp, huh?

14 thoughts on “Almost there …

  1. LA – great way to entice youngness into art; and a great connection between your plan and your cleaning cloth – layers of meaning. Go well. B


  2. Great gift! I love how color-filled the ‘rag’ cloth is and how sweet to have one simple pencil right next to it. There’s nothing like a sharp pencil! My mom’s old electric sharpener didn’t make the move and I kinda miss it.


    1. our electric sharpeners always seemed to die on us … I’m hoping the old-fashioned version will last longer (and yes, I love love love super sharp pencils, not to mention new erasers)


  3. I bought someone a crank sharpener for Christmas but it’s not been mounted because they live in a rental.
    I’m going to steal it back here. and nail it up. He can bring his pencil box here.
    The threads always look best once they’ve been planted in cloth.


    1. confession: we screwed that pencil sharpener into a piece of furniture … a bookcase that we bought unfinished and that Don painted decades ago … better yet, we put it at an angle on the corner to make it perfectly accessible … works like a charm


  4. love coming here to catch up on your creative triumphs and the general family-ness. Michael’s gift cards are a great idea!


    1. and I realize that Michael’s (and by extension, Hobby Lobby … which I mostly avoid given their politics, but I digress) … anyway, those stores tread the line between craft and art, but I love that they make art more accessible, especially for kids … I would have loved having access to the supplies in stores like these when I was young


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