Taking the challenge (revised)

March 24, 2021 – Dewberry (revised)
March 24, 2021 – Dewberry

As noted in an earlier post, I’ve been double-gloving my right hand, the better to take out dewberry vines (dewberries being wild blackberries) …

to the distress of Griffin, who learned to love dewberries at our former Hill Country house.

The good news is, there are plenty more vines at the back of their property. In fact, everything is in full spring overdrive …

Even the bluebonnets are dancing for joy …

So I decided to make a dewberry blossom patch similar to the one on Remember 2016

But I didn’t look at the process from the last time around, so I did get a slightly different look …

which I’m thinking needs a little more work before it’s done.

And lest I forget … this is for Joanne and Mo …


12 thoughts on “Taking the challenge (revised)

    1. I’m glad you liked them … those teeny tiny glue stitches worked much better than the 2016 french knots

      I may just have to make a third dewberry blossom, taking the best learning from each of the first two


  1. LA – love the ant – and of course that tale behind the dewberries – which results in the patch – all the stars or at least patches lining up. Go well. B


  2. Oh (((Liz))) the ant on the move is purrfectly put & your new dewberry patch is just as fab as the one from 5 years ago which I loved back then & now again!


    1. I remember you commenting on that patch 5 years ago … it meant a lot and stayed with me

      as for the ant … I really could have used a much much finer thread as a single strand of DMC was waaaay too much … it gave me a true appreciation for the fine work mother nature does in crafting her creatures


  3. Spring is so wonderful isn’t it? I really love this patch – the variegations in the brown-green background are so right and leave a perfect flower in between – really really well done!


    1. gotta confess that I was a bit sorry I hadn’t looked at the 2016 process first … but I re-learned something about using (and leaving) permanent ink marks on cloth

      and yes, I wanted to have a record of the dried leaves in the background along with the vibrant green growth


  4. Your dewberry block looks wonderful! The very idea of your daily blocks is just so great. Have a wonderful day .. 😘

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  5. Telling life through patches, taking and accepting challenges- life in full bloom…well I just love this; even the ants. Such a very special, personal and unique way to mark life’s passages and daily doings.

    Daily doings here have changed as we’ve moved: long story, landlord needed to sell our rental house. This was a hard move due to pandemic, when everything is done virtually for the most part. I was not willing to even look until R fully vaccinated which was on Feb. 26. Found our new place March 5th, moved April 5th and today, April 7th, all settled. Gave up a garden but have more space and saving $ from rent plus landlord pays for water, sewer and trash; water is expensive in New Mexico.

    Long time since we’ve lived in a quadraplex but it is a downstairs unit, larger than the house we were renting with a blossoming apple tree out in front of our apartment and a little planted border area that I can slip some herbs into…later we will get large pots and plant tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and more herbs. Neighbors are quiet, have lived here many years, one of them is landlord’s daughter who is a kindergarten teacher and just returned to the classroom full time on Monday.

    With this move, I am enjoying evaluating my cloth wall hangings; got very carried away at the last house and put up 18 of them…going to pare down, only put up maybe 7 and then deconstruct the rest. I love to take apart the dyed patches and see what comes. Have a little alcove so set up my dye station which consists of two copper pots, a little table, assorted rusty bits and glass jars for solar dyeing.

    One of the gifts of this unexpected move is the direction this journey of spirit, foraged materials, cloth and stitch will take, and I am so ready to begin…and by the way, thanks for inspiring me via your life patches to tell what is going with mine.


    1. Oh Marti …
      moves are hard enough when self-motivated … harder still when imposed

      but it’s so like you to find the silver lining in it all … and I can truly relate to “losing a garden but gaining interior space” … I have no doubt you’ll make the best of it

      May the sun shine in all the best windows as you settle into this newest adventure

      be well


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