The storm last night was fierce, the windows rattling as thunder boomed and lightning flashed directly overhead …

We took comfort in a handful of dewberries picked earlier in the day, sweetened with a bit of ice cream and a granola/streusel mixture for a deconstructed crumble (recipe at the end) …

This morning we woke to green and 3.8 inches in the rain gauge …

Fortunately, we live 300 feet above the Blanco River, which is at flood stage and rising. Not for the last time I think, “we live in a land of flood and drought.

The land this spring is a riot of grass and wildflowers, everything taller than we’ve ever seen things, especially the Mealy Blue Sage …

and the Yellow Indiangrass …

I tried to capture how much the soil and mulch moved in the downpour last night, but it defied the camera’s eye. Suffice it to say everything got scrubbed clean on the Rocky Road …

And so it was that I pondered green along with the Kindred Spirits (#Ragmates2019) in Jude Hill’s Patchwork in Perspective.

My first impulse was to pull out the luscious package of cloth purchased from Fiber on a Whim last year, a study in green …

But after watching Jude wander through her scraps, I took a quick look at this relatively tidy bin (which I was the result of organizing my cloth while waiting for class to begin) …

and then ultimately decided to root through the small scraps …

Given how much I use green (my grandkids can tell you it’s my favorite color), it was no great surprise that, in the end, it felt like I just won the lottery …


Recipe: Topping for a deconstructed fruit crumble

1 Tbs softened butter

1 Tbs cinnamon sugar

2 Tbs flour

2-4 Tbs homemade granola

Mix together and crumble onto a sheet of parchment paper. Bake for 15-20 minutes until lightly browned and crunchy (I gently nudged the crumbs every five minutes or so as they baked).

Use as a topping on fresh fruit and ice cream … or just nibble (I did both).


10 thoughts on “Storytelling

  1. I love seeing what all of those scraps look like together! That is the most fun part for me! I’d love to have one of those wall maps with pins of where everyone lived! Then it would make more sense to me 🙂 Stay dry!


    1. I was truly amazed at what emerged from the scrap bin … and staying dry will be a challenge with rain in the forecast all next week! May it be sweet and steady and slow …


  2. Hi LA – sounds like the storm was quite fierce – but that rain would be most welcome. We are also having heaps of rain in our country of flood and drought – fortunately today has bee a big blue sky day – glorious. The sculpture looked grand in the garden. Go well. B


    1. Barry – there’s something magical about manmade metals rusting into oblivion as the plants grow all around …

      Here’s hoping both ends of our world receive the blessing of rain without attendant floods …


  3. Almost four inches of rain in a single night is really a lot! And that map of lightening. Wow! I’ve been pawing around in my bins for greens too. That’s a nice handful you’ve got there. I’m re-impressed with just how many shades of green there are!


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