The difference a day can make

February 18, 2021 – Frozen tree limb February 19, 2021 – Meltwater

Thursday was dark and gloomy, punctuated by rolling power outages and a steady freezing mist that encased everything in a sheath of ice.

It was all terribly beautiful. But water became an increasing concern, overshadowing the intermittent power supply. We were urged by our local officials to conserve water even as they warned us to keep faucets dripping to prevent our pipes from freezing.

We did our part: no showers and no laundry. Hedging our bets, we put a plug in the tub to conserve the water dripping from the tap. Then we waited.

Friday the sun came out. And even though the temperature remained below freezing, Texas sun can be a formidable force, even in February. The sky was its bluest blue and as the ice melted from each branch, the droplets of water caught the sun and glittered like fairy lights.

Electric power became a reliable utility once again. And if the cupboard was getting bare, there was a certain satisfaction that came with being able to let others get to the stores first. We could wait, so we did.

The biggest concern was our Austin daughter’s water situation. Broken water mains cut off all water to their neighborhood. But that’s a story for another patch.

14 thoughts on “The difference a day can make

  1. Oh my, they really tell a story! Is your Austin daughter’s house okay? No broken pipes IN the house? We had a broken water main on our street years ago. Was a very hard event. I love how things are coming back and singing of Spring over here 🙂


  2. LA – great patches to reflect the changes over a day or two. Glad you are getting back to ‘normal’; hope your daughter is also getting back to having water etc. Go well. B


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