Close up – Revised

February 17, 2021 – Re-vision

I’m liking this version much more than the first try …

February 17, 2021 – Iced wing

It was a grey day on Wednesday, with icicles dripping from the eaves, the fences, the trees, and our whimsical pelican …

I don’t know if I’ll keep the current patch, which bears a striking resemblance to Big Bird. Most likely I’ll sleep on it and come up with a more abstract version …

but this will serve as a placeholder for now.

Fortunately, the sun came out today and it’s a balmy 42 degrees …

I think we’re gonna make it.

16 thoughts on “Close up – Revised

    1. We are lucky … unfortunately our daughter Meg in Austin still has no water … the roads are pretty clear now, so they’ll be coming to our place tomorrow for showers and drinking water


    1. I’m afraid that Texas is in for a very long haul … looking at the upside there will be many jobs that need to be filled as we repair and replace the damaged infrastructure … hopefully some forethought is put in to remaking the electrical grid to be a model for the 21st century (I know, perhaps a tad over-optimistic)


  1. Catching up with your posts but you’ve been on my mind this week and I’ve been hoping things keep improving. Boiling snow made me think of time in Alaska. When my brothers and I were little (1,2,3 years) we lived in a small fishing community in SE Alaska. There was no running water in the winter. Mom and Dad boiled snow for water on top of an oil cook stove. There is a really wild picture of my Mom with frozen jeans, inside a house. The difference here of course, is they were prepared for this. Who could imagine all of what’s happening in Texas?


    1. That’s the difference, right? What our expectations are for just about everything have been totally upended over the course of the past year … seems we’ve been living in a house of cards


  2. Liz – your quirky icicle laden bird makes me smile; and maybe it will continue to do that if you leave it in there – the balance between the worry and the ridiculous? Such devastation for you all – but so glad that you have stayed safe. Hopefully the young ones can travel safe and have a hot shower or soak at yours soon.


    1. our young ones came to visit and bathe yesterday … 8 year old Griffin latched on to the latest patches, the spiral especially … he was a bit confusticated about the bird (“it doesn’t have a head”) but he went back to it several times while they were here … I may keep it and make a second patch … I mean, why not?

      we also got our first mail delivery … with a delightful envelope full of treasures from Deckled Edge Press … “Breathe Hope Persist” was particularly apt and we so appreciate its timely arrival … thank you!


  3. LA – so glad to hear you had a bit of sunshine; but even more glad that you are going to make it!!!! Stay warm and maintain your sense of fun.Love and peace. B


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