B-side myself

The big (still nameless) cloth continues apace and I decided to step way out of my comfort zone by tackling the most visible part early on. The very heart of it all, front and center.

I started with a pieced cloth made late last year from early dye trials and recent gifts, along with some drop-dead wonderful cotton-silk thread that Jude has given to Deb, who dyed it and gave some to me

No wonder James Taylor’s Yellow and Rose was playing in my head. And of course there’s a story, of how we used to have talent shows at our annual beach weeks … and John, who could play everything on guitar, would play anything our kids wanted to perform. Like the year they sang Yellow and Rose.

So as I hummed, I thought to myself that every cloth I’ve ever made prior to this was small enough to turn. Not this one. Today I learned I can stitch bottom to top, right to left, and even top to bottom …

But left to right, not so much. That’s when I learned that a quarter-turn is doable. So I was good to go.

And in the end, I flipped the whole cloth over for a look (okay, I confess I did peek a couple of times before that to be sure it was going okay) …

and really, I was beside myself at how it turned out …

25 thoughts on “B-side myself

    1. thank you Annick … I think of the card you made for Mirthe and am turning over in my mind how I might stitch names in continuous lines as I fill in the gaps in the bed cloth


  1. Hi LA – wow – just so much work in that – and I agree with others who know about stitching because I don’t – the stitching looks incredibly neat. B


  2. I forgot how well that thread liked the dye. The remaining hank suffered a cat disaster not long ago. I have been tempted to pitch the whole thing in the trash but you’ve reminded me that a thread, unlike the road, does not have to go on forever. I can tease a yard or so out of the tangle, wind it onto the spindle, then add another and so, to the dye. Thank you!


  3. oh I love those stitches on the B-side! like a maze to get lost in, or find oneself…and Deb’s threads are scrumptious


  4. Oh my Liz – you leave me almost speechless. That first photo of the stitched pieces and the thread: what a perfect, most perfect, combination.Then your exquisite stitching. Wordless. But I also love that even now with such amazing skill and ‘mastery’ (i don’t like mistressy) of this, your are still learning. Isn’t that magic and a gift? By a fortunate serendipitous thing – I too am dyeing with windfall lichen – all the way over here! Go well. Stitch well.


    1. and I wonder, did you know that Yellow and Rose is about Australia?

      wishing you good luck with your lichen dyeing … even more than the color, I love the scent that is imparted to the cloth … it can last for years and ironing is especially good at bringing it out


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