The heart of the matter

It is Thanksgiving Day so I am beside myself … loving the sweet simplicity of a day devoted to fun, food and family …

There hasn’t been much time for stitching, but I’ve done a bit on rust-stained muslin from years ago that keeps rising to the top of my scrap basket. It has always made me think of sunrise, so I finally took the plunge …

backing it with a fine madder-dyed cotton gifted by Mo, stitched with a silk/cotton thread given by Jude to Deb, who worked such magic that I am beside myself with wonder …

and as I stitched discontinuous backstitch in the center and Jude’s split backstitch around the edge, I turned it this way and that …

finding at last the heart that has waited so patiently to be found.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, wherever you may be. May you, too, find your heart’s content.

14 thoughts on “The heart of the matter

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Your cloth is just gorgeous…the blues in the thread are just right to compliment the warm rusty and yellow tones. I love the ephemeral mistiness of the golden glow.


  2. I love the way you stitch so organically throughout your day and its shifting life flow. And how that means you family’s sense of you is closely tied with that connection and all it comes to mean to *them*. Never really thought of it that way before but it feels really lovely now that I have. Hope your entire holiday weekend is as homey and loving as these glowing images!


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