Circling back

Acey’s prompt #18

There was more, but this was the gist of it for me. And these were the book covers that leapt out of the box …

From upper left, going clockwise, the crazy chaos that is constantly unspooling within me, the two beams of light echoing today’s Two of Swords tarot card (as well as our family’s loss on 9/11), and the beach, where I have long walked prayers, seeking light.

The book covers were joined by two bits from a flyer I picked up at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma several years ago.

After pondering in the warm sun on the back porch, I came in and pasted it all down …

The figure was cut out, to reveal the chaos within, but in the process became bird-like (again … see Nancy’s comment in this post) … recalling When Women were Birds. It looked cartoonish and I briefly considered pasting something over it … then left it as is, for now.

7 thoughts on “Circling back

  1. This is beautiful Liz. I read the prompt at the top, and could only think how these day the center is just me & J.
    I’m not sure if I intentionally ‘made’ it that way. It feels more like an evolution. Thanks for sharing each day, I’ve been enjoying myself in the looking.


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