The month is slipping away and I’m already missing Acey’s daily collage challenge prompts (which will end this week) even as I anticipate the next step forward into creating a Texas tarot deck.

But it’s not over yet, so for today

Which is an interesting challenge as some of those around the virtual table have stayed in the shadows. So I considered those whose blogs have been in my sights …

Dee, whose use of human figures inspired me to try for myself

Joanne, whose lede page held my eye with its bold colors and lines

Grace, whose fine-leafed tree stood in for her embrace of nature

And Acey most of all, for the time she has given to this ether-real gathering (and for the frogs)

Going once again to my box of book covers, with these thoughts in mind, and finding …

This time trusting in my ability enough to glue directly into my journal rather than starting with a separate base …

The silhouetted form turned over, standing in for those who remain unseen. And for me, holding a fully loaded bag of new tricks.

Once again feeling ever so pleased with the result.

10 thoughts on “Tribute-ary

  1. this is wonderful. You told a complex story with multiple ‘extra pieces’ and did it in a way that shines with your particular creative style and visual aesthetic. It’s lovely and I’m so glad you yearned for something like this strongly enough to help it come true – for all of us.

    (also if it would be helpful to you – see a comment I left under a sidebar convo you and Joanne had about not getting the middle prompts. Maybe knowing what they were actually “about” will help you devise ways to challenge yourself in ways more personally access that also serve the same sort of challenge-stretch objective.)


    1. That is indeed helpful to know, although I think my main frustration at that point was running into a time crunch when I hadn’t yet hit my stride in terms of process … circling back to try again will be most satisfying


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